ALVIN DAKIS is one of those youth leaders who are notably vocal about gender equality and equity and has worked tirelessly to ensure that young people’s gender and sexuality needs are attended and sustained in different policy levels and programs. With his advocacy on reproductive health, adolescent pregnancy awareness, HIV & AIDS awareness, and nurses’ welfare, Mr. Dakis gained a certain level of reputation and recognition in many fields of practice including in social media.

He was also certified by the Philippine Commission on Women as one of their Gender and Development Resource Persons in 2015 and was renewed until 2018. In his capacity as a consultant and trainer, he has ensured that young people especially young women’s rights and needs are mainstreamed in his services. He has handled several government agencies both national and local and has ensured that young people’s needs are addressed in the Annual GAD Plans and Budgets of these agencies.

He is a registered nurse by profession, is certified family planning service provider and HIV & AIDS counselor of the Department of Health & the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine. In his work with gender and development, he made sure that the key issues of young people on adolescent health and HIV & AIDS are sufficiently discussed. He initially represented the youth sector in the National Implementation Team of the RPRH Law in the Department of Health. In his capacity as member of the DOH-NIT, he made sure that adolescent programs are aligned and given priority. He was part of the team that wrote the annual accomplishment report of the RPRH Law to the Philippine President and Congress.

As a community organizer & trainer, he has led numerous youth organizations that advanced the issues of young people and young women, one of which is the International Youth Council Pilipinas Inc. – a SEC and NYC-registered organization working on youth policy development. He founded IYC in 2012 and since then have worked closely with the National Youth Commission, the Senate and House Committees on Youth, United Nations in the Philippines to push for young people’s equal representation and prioritization of their health and gender needs. He organize training programs for young people and young women to be more equipped in policy making and advocacy so they will be more empowered when pushing for their agenda. 

Because of his advocacy he became a writer and have contributed to discussing the issues of young people and gender in his previous articles in The Philippine Star Unblogged and Rappler.com. He continuously write for Health & Lifestyle (H&L) Magazine published by FAME Publishing Inc. where most of his topics revolve around adolescent health, young people’s sexual & reproductive health and rights, HIV & AIDS, and policies affecting the youth among others.

As a social media influencer, he has been using his online influence to discuss key issues of young people, young women, young people with disabilities, young LGBTs, and young people living with HIV earning him accolades from DOH Health Media Awards (2013) as one of the Most Outstanding Blogger chosen from 114 entries nationwide. His influence in social media also earned him the Sanofi International Care Challenge (2012) to continue working on the issues of young nurses’ welfare. He now helps the DOH in their social media campaign for teen pregnancy, HIV & AIDS and RPRH. 

Among his many accomplishments in advancing the issues of young people’s sexual & reproductive health needs and concerns is when he was appointed by then Health Secretary Enrique Ona as the official youth representative to write the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the historical Responsible Parenthood & Reproductive Health Law of 2012. Prior to being a member of the committee that wrote the IRR of the RPRH Law, he was a member of the Senate Technical Working Group that finalized the Senate RH Act as the youth representative. His representation in the IRR ensured that a comprehensive sexuality education will be in place once the law is passed. In 2014, RH advocates celebrated that the provisions of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education was remained untouched by the Supreme Court and allowed it to be implemented in full.

He was also the Chairperson of the Committees on Health and Gender of the Youth and Students Sectoral Council from 2011 to 2015 of the National Anti-Poverty Commission, Office of the President. Under his term, NAPC-YSS developed its own Manual for the Awareness on Adolescent Pregnancy and Prevention, developed its Gender and Development sectoral plan, and was instrumental in the organization of the First Teen Pregnancy Summit in the Philippines as one of the core members of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Teen Pregnancy.

As one of the advocates of positive sexuality and LGBT rights, he was one of those who monitored hate crimes against LGBTs in the Philippines (2012) and continuously raise awareness on the issue. And co-authored the coalition report on the human rights violations on the basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and homosexuality in the Philippines to the 106th Session of the Human Rights Committee in the same year.

In his capacity as the Founder and Chairperson of the International Youth Council Pilipinas Inc., he made sure that youth CSOs will be met by the historic visitation of the first United Nations Envoy on Youth in the Philippines. In his historic meeting with CSO leaders, he urged for the creation of a system-wide Youth Advisory Board (UN YAB) within the United Nations System in the Philippines who shall work with the UN in ensuring that young people’s concerns are addressed in the international development and national development assistance framework.

In 2017, the UN System in the Philippines unanimously approved the creation of the United Nations Youth Advisory Board. Alvin Dakis was the lead author of the UNYAB document that paved way for young people to have a higher representation in the UN System in the Philippines. He also spearheaded the development of the SDG Youth Networks in Convergence (SYNC) – a multi-youth organization network that advances the issues of young people and their key roles in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Philippines.

In his various capacities as advocate, policy reformer, civic leader, trainer, media personality, and health professional, Alvin Dakis envisions and continues to train and produce more young people and young women who are not afraid to speak about and for their rights, who are not easily persuaded, influenced, or swayed by other people in authority, and those who will remain vigilant in ensuring young people’s rights are not left behind. 

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