Tuesday, October 23, 2018

ACD Progress Report on TA Provision to Government Agencies: 2016-2018

Alvin Dakis, certified by the Philippine Commission on Women to provide technical assistance to government agencies on Gender and Development (GAD) from 2016-2018 shares the result of his performance and TA provision.
Ever since I started working as Independent GAD Specialist & Consultant in 2016 after being certified by the Philippine Commission on Women, I am glad to report to you my progress report.

Within three years as being certified, my services were tapped by various government agencies and from 2016-2018 the total number of agencies I served were 34 - that is 700% increase from the three agencies I provided service in 2016. The total number of training activities I provided rose to 725% from 7 in 2016 to 51 this 2018. Most of the agencies I catered to are central agencies based in Manila (77.8%) but have catered to regional offices as well (Luzon - 11.1%, Visayas - 3.7%, Mindanao - 7.4%). I am glad to also know that some agencies I handled got their endorsements from PCW, reduced their negative Audit Observation Memos from COA, and some were able to attribute their GAD budgets as high as 25%.

Thank you to all the government agencies who continue to trust my service and technical assistance. Rest assured that I will continue to provide quality service as we go through our GAD journey together.

Cheers to all the hardworking GAD Focal Point Systems, the dedicated Executive Committees, and the tireless men and women ensuring that their agencies are not just compliant but truly embrace the principle of Gender Mainstreaming in government policies, processes, programs, and mechanisms!


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