Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Integrated Community-Based Drug Intervention Program: Key to Successful Societal Reintegration of Drug Depdendents

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Barangay Cupang is Antipolo City’s largest barangay with 113,000 residents and has 300 surrenderers of illegal drug use. IPPRP initiated the program last October 2016 after consulting and partnering with the following major stakeholders – Barangay Council of Barangay Cupang, Antipolo City Anti-Drug Office, and BADAC-MasaMasid Team (comprises of faith-based organizations, barangay tanod, homeowners’ associations, tricycle operators’ association, youth, LGBT, PWD organizations, and other selected residents).The Interfaith Partnership for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood or IPPRP is a network of faith-based organizations and their support partners that are committed on the promotion and advocacy of responsible parenthood including family planning, reproductive health, and population & development through information, advocacy, and partnership development.
Responding to the growing need to address drug dependency and rehabilitation in the country and ensuring a holistic re-integration to the society, IPPRP partnered with the Barangay Council of Cupang in Antipolo City to spearhead IPPRP’s Integrated Community-Based Drug Intervention Program. 

IPPRP designed a comprehensive for drug dependents utilizing approaches focusing on mental health, behavioral change, family relationship and social reintegration coupled with physical fitness activities, community services, and spiritual support.

Key to IPPRP’s community-based program is the social reintegration aspect where it addresses the social dimensions such as personality development of the surrenderers’ lives. When recipients “graduate” from the counseling program, they are offered training on technical and vocational skills and will be guided to access TESDA’s certification. For youth surrenderers, they may be offered access to alternative learning system or the “baliw-skwela”. This integrated approaches aim to increase the surrenderers’ capacity to reintegrate to the society and to become productive members again.

The program also capacitates barangay officials, faith-based counselors, and other partners to co-manage the program with program management and leadership skills.  With the effort of IPPRP and its stakeholders, the City Council lauded their program and is now currently meeting with them to discuss the possible replication of the program to other barangays of Antipolo City.

IPPRP believes that a holistic approach with emphasis on community development, stakeholder partnership, and an enabling environment can bring about a more positive change to these surenderer's lives. 

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