Monday, February 05, 2018

10 Things You Should Unlearn This 2018

New Year resolutions aren’t over yet. Did you jump to gain some more height? Were you able to complete the 12 round fruits for prosperity? Have you told yourself that this will be the year to reduce those fats? We have different wishes for 2018 and we hope that this year will be better, kinder, and definitely more prosperous than our 2017. But here are some 10 things that you should learn (or re-learn) this 2018 to make your life healthier and better:

1.       New Year’s Resolutions aren’t done only in New Year’s Eve.
A common practice you should unlearn is doing New Year’s Resolutions. If you really want to start that healthy lifestyle, that dieting, and going to the gym, or changing a certain behaviour, it should and must not be done only in New Year’s Eve. You can start anytime. And make sure when you start it, do it consistently then change will happen.

2.       Inconsistency in behaviours and actions lead to consistency in failing to meet personal goals.
Your goals to change to someone better needs a consistency in actions and behaviors. It does not happen overnight and in only a few days. It takes discipline and constant monitoring and reminding to remain focused with your goals. But what will happen if you failed to comply with your goals for a day or two? Well, you can catch up on it or continue doing it nonetheless. Be with people who are consistent in doing the goals you aspire and learn how they do it. Old habits are hard to break so they say and new habits are difficult to form because these patterns have been consistently ingrained in our neural pathways. However, constant repetition of certain actions were proven to aid in habit formation.

3.       Diet regimens aren’t fads.
Keto diet was a fad in 2017, and so was the South Beach diet, the After Six diet, and many others before that. Your diet should not be based on what is the trend, but should be based on your goals and on your physiologic needs. Also, don’t starve yourself just to get the physique you want. Transformation does take time and transform the healthy way. It will not help you if you were able to achieve your ideal waistline but ended in the hospital bed instead.

4.       Drop the sodas.
One thing I stopped drinking in the latter part of 2017 was sodas and other drinks with high sugar content. It was difficult to not like a cold can or bottle of your favourite softdrink especially after a long and tiring day. But if you are aiming for a healthier and slimmer body, then cut the intake of sugary drinks. Adults need 2,500 to 3,000 mL of water to stay hydrated. Therefore, consciously consume 10-12 glasses of water a day or have a container with at least 2,500 ml marker and make sure you consume it within the day.

5.       Smoking isn’t socializing.
If you are smoker, one thing you need to unlearn is this – that smoking is not an excuse for socializing. It never gives you any benefit. Smoking stains your teeth, tongue, and lips. It causes halitosis (bad breath), emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and worse lung cancer. So no, this is not for socialization, this is suicide.

6.       Drinking to get drunk isn’t a bad idea.
And so you think it isn’t. Moderate alcohol drinking may provide some health benefits as some drinks (like beer) have properties to help reduce your chances of developing and dying from heart diseases, or from having ischemic stroke, and possibly from having diabetes. But binge-drinking or taking in too much alcohol on a single occasion or over time can cause serious damage to your brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and lowers your immune system.

7.       Rinsing and spitting after you brush your teeth.
Yes, you read this right. One common mistake we all did was to gargle with water and spit out after we brushed our teeth. According to dentists, you may spit out any excess toothpaste but do not rinse with water straight after brushing as it will wash away the concentrated fluoride in the toothpaste left in your teeth, diluting it, and eventually reducing its effects. According to Oral Health Foundation, about two in three people rinse their mouth with water after brushing their teeth. This, according to the Foundation, will make people more prone to developing tooth decay.

8.       Hitting the gym isn’t a one-time deal.
Once you decide to shed those pounds of excess fats and overly obsessed love handles, you might think of hitting the gym starting this year. But once you start this journey, you have to make a lifetime commitment – like getting married. Hitting the gym is not just for selfies, it is real work. You will have to experience pain and dedicate your time to make sure that you will change for the better. Change for yourself and not to gain others’ approval. When you start your road to a fitter you, there is, should, and must never go back.

9.       Work is necessary, and so is play.
If you are a busy bee, perhaps playing isn’t your thing. But one thing you need to unlearn is to overly stress yourself with work and have no time to rest or unwind. Rest is important and many companies are aiming to develop a work-life balance policy to its staff. Remember that stress will kill you more than any other diseases. Play would mean you do something else that is not part of your usual work routine. Do something like run, play sports with friends, go nature hiking, swim in the beach, or just spend some good time with family and friends. This way you keep your sanity with you and make yourself a better person.

10.   Value yourself more.
It isn’t selfish to love yourself and value your body. You only have one in the first place so treasure it. Start a workout routine as simple as stretches and some few push-ups. It will be hard to start living healthy, but if you won’t start, you’ll reach nowhere with your resolutions. Start reducing your cups of rice and say no to some of those sweets. Once you start valuing your health, and yourself, people will notice it and you’ll attract more positive things.

I am sending my condolences to the family of the renowned cardiologist Dr. Ramon Abarquez who passed away last week. He is one of the most prolific writers of H&L and in Vital Signs where we both started to work together. He continued writing and researching despite being “retired” for according to him “retirement is not in my vocabulary”. He maintained that youthful thirst for knowledge and perfected his skills – spanning six decades. A national gem, you will be forever missed Doc!

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