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Major throwback! Raegen Geki comics & artwork

 Raegen GekiTM

Original Animation by ACD
2007, In Pencils & Ink Media

Raegen Geki Wing, 1st Major Arc of the Raegen Geki Saga 

This is my original art in colored pencils and ink. Raegen Geki is the third generation of bishuojo anime that I did
since gradeschool.

Aura Warriors, 1997
Phalanx of the Avalon, 2004
Raegen Geki, 2007

Raegen Geki has three major arcs namely:

Raegen Geki Wing
Raegen Geki Orbit
Raegen Geki Cosmos

And sub-arcs as well:

Euragens, Origin of the Raegen Geki
Raegen Geki Kosetsu, The Next Generation

Raegen Geki's predecessors featuring Heart Phalanx and Aura Heart Diamond

Raegen Geki came from the words "Raeacentra Genesapolis Dengeki" which would mean "from the power of the Raean Genesis (which is their source of power & lifeforce). 

Genesis is a powerful stone from ancient Raea (a parallel Earth) which was believed to protect and shield Raea from outside forces. The Genesis is located at the Genesis Tower near the Raean Palace. Empress Raea, the keeper of the Genesis & ruler of Raea is a title given to the next queen, and is protected by the Raegens (a group of female knights) and the palace is being guarded by the imperial army, the Guardsmen

When Princess Pruxis IV assumed the throne to become Empress Raea, her half sister, Princess Ruxia went outrage for she wants the crown herself. Out of her jealousy & greed, she fled along with her faithful minions to the Wailing Mountains and bargained her soul to Yue, the powerful evil spirit longing to have a body. With this pact, Princess Ruxia became Empress Kurei, mistress of darkness & black arts. Together with her loyal minions, she built the Kurei Empire to attack Raea and defeat Empress Raea once and for all.

But Empress Raea was warned by the Oracle and they were able to prepare and set the Genesis to find the next Raegens. The Genesis went to Deluna (which is Earth) and there sought the five legendary protectors of Raea - the Raegen Geki. Then, the Neo-Raean War began. Empress Raea was captured and the Guardsmen were left to protect the people in the Palace and the entire Raea.

The Genesis found and resided to the five ordinary middle-school girls to become the next Raegens and protect Raea from a complete destruction.

The Pentaraegens
Huntress, Raegen Pyre (Fire) - red battle suit
Tamara, Raegen Aqua (Water) - blue battle suit
Chloe, Raegen Terra (Earth) - green battle suit
Freya Raegen Zephyro (Wind) - orange battle suit
Solaris, Raegen Helion (Light) - yellow battle suit

Later they were joined by the Triagens, the militant stealth team from Raea who survived the Raean War. They later went to Earth through the Archajanus - the time & transport portal of Raea to Deluna (Earth). 

The Triagens
Unah, Raegen Echo (Sound) - violet battle suit
Rucci, Raegen Ferro (Metal) - brown battle suit
Yuuki, Raegen Cielo (Ice) - light blue battle suit

And introducing the new appearances towards the end of Raegen Geki Orbit, the two remaining Raegens who were guardians of the Archajanus. 

The Pseudoraegens
Raegen Era (Time) - gray battle suit
Raegen Versa (Space) - black battle suit

Raegen Geki Orbit All Cast, 2nd Major Arc
Done in a notebook
Shiin, daughter of Empress Raea
& leader of the Raegen Geki Kosetsu as Raegen Chuushin
If you look closely, the Oracle of Raea is included in the Raegen Geki to think, in the first few appearances, she doesn't seem to be any of the Raegen Knights. 

For your information, the Oracle used to be a member of the Raegen Geki when she was younger. She is Raegen Midori, the ancient green Raegen. Her ability is to open portals, cast illusions and magick and travel through time and space. She was pretty powerful then. Her battle color is light green. Later she renounce her duties as a Raegen Geki and committed to become a full-pleged Oracle of the Empress.

But what is the name of the ancient Raegens? They are known to be the EURAEGENS. Members of which are:


Raegen Aka - the ancient red Raegen, possesing the Cosmic Fire
Raegen Aoi - the ancient blue Raegen, possesing the Cosmic Water 
Raegen Kiiro - the ancient yellow Raegen, possesing the Cosmic Light
Raegen Midori - the ancient green Raegen, possesing the power of time, space and illusion
Raegen Shiro - the ancient white Raegen, possesing the ancient summoning spirit & purification spells
Raegen Kuroi - the ancient black Raegen, possesing the power of magic, sorcery and beast summoning.

Another fact, Raegen Shiro is no other than, Oujo Pruxis XIV or Empress Raea. She was the leader of the ancient Raegen Knights before she became the crowned empress of Raea. 

Fan Art by Enzo, Raegen Geki Orbit All Cast 
Raegen Kuroi is Oujo Ruxia, or better known as Empress Kurei, the vile and arch enemy of the Raegen Knights. She is the best fighter of the Euraegens and was the best espionage. But because of Ruxia's greed for power and her uncontrollable envy against her half sister, Pruxis, she turned against the Empreror of Raea at that time and revolted against them. Now, at the Wailing Mountains she met Yue No Kurei, the king of Darkness, who also have the same intentions as with Ruxia, to destroy Raea. Together they made a pact to destroy the empire of great majesty and peace and rule together thus the creation of the Kurei Empire and the rise to an incredible power of Ruxia possessed with the power of Kurei, the new Empress Kurei.

The other three Euraegens died during the last Raegen Wars before the attack of the Kurei Empire. However, later in the series (Cosmic Arc) they will be revived using the power of the Ancient Summon by Empress Raea herself to help the Raegen Geki to finally destroy Yue No Kurei, who by that time became an enormous monster with immense power. 

Later also in the Cosmic Ova, the legendary Raegen Gods will descend to Raea and will help them. They are,

Kin Raegen Kamisama - Legendary Gold Raegen God
Gin Raegen Kamisama - Legendary Silver Raegen God
Naiya Raegen Kamisama - Legendary Diamond Raegen God
Souseiki no Raea - The Genesis God of Raea

Comic Samples

Page 01

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Page 04 B&W

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