Friday, August 29, 2014

Security Guard films students having sex in school before for 8 minutes before scolding them

Screenshot from the security guard's video
A "sex video" is making its rounds in the timelines of Facebook and other social media sites but this time it does not involve any known celebrity but involves teenagers - high school students to be exact wearing their school uniforms.

The video appears to be shot discreetly, like a voyeur to the unsuspecting 16-year-old teens who were consensually pleasuring themselves - and guess what - at the school grounds of a high school in Ilocos Norte. And the one who took the video of the students was, the security guard of the said high school for about 8 minutes before he went scolding the two teenagers.

What is wrong with this picture?
As it is not supposedly proper nor is tolerated for young people to have consensual sexual intercourse in their school grounds, it is all the more improper for a staff or person in authority within the campus to even film this act and then --- "scold" them. 

The security guard (speaking in Ilocano) caught this two students in their sexual act but in his better judgement and discernment, took a video of them using his mobile phone, before scolding and interrupting the teens. When the students were startled with the guard's reprimands, the guard started interrogating the teens by asking them if they are students of the school and asks them to show their identification cards. The female student complies and flashed her 'name card' to the guard, the guard focused his phone to the name of the female student. The male student hesitated and reasoned with the guard but the latter insisted - even to the point of somehow threatening the teens of being sent to jail.

What kind of security personnel, carrying the authority vested to him by the academic institution, film this kind of act, "reprimand" then later threat these teenagers? What gave him this special power to document this act they way he did and later post it in social media sites? Is there no protocol in their campus for such instances?

According to one of the alumni of this high school, this event happened last year but does not know what happened to the security guard and the students. My source said there was an investigation that happened after this video was uploaded online.

The guard asked for their name cards & IDs and showed them in the video
Young people and sex
Young people as experimental and highly curious beings they are, are not shielded by the sexual acts and perversions done by adults. They are curious of that but are too afraid to ask about it especially to their parents for fear of being scolded or to be shamed on-the-spot. The 2013 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study (YAFS) revealed that there is 1 out of 3 young Filipinos who engage in early sex with 32% in 2013. An increase of about 9% in a span of 10 years. 

With this kind of videos being uploaded in social media sites like Facebook, we are inadvertently increasing the percentage of young people accessing pornographic videos, all the more when it becomes a viral post. This specific video for instance has already gained more than 4,800 shares. The 2013 YAFS revealed that 49.6% of teenagers who ever watched pornographic videos while 66.8% among young people aged 20-24. In the Philippines, there is 1 out of 4 young person who has received or has sent a pornographic video via mobile phone or the internet.

Sharing is not loving
As YAFS revealed that 1 out of 4 young Pinoys share or receive pornographic videos via their phones or the internet, it does not mean we can share it too. We cannot justify this act nor we should tolerate this especially that the unsuspecting people videoed are minors. We should always put in mind the risks of exposing these young people and the implications of our acts each time we share this video.

To the guard who filmed this sex video, shame on you! May you stripped of your duties. And to those asking me for the link, I'm sorry but I didn't save nor have the guts to share it. 


  1. LINK PLEASE!!!!!! :D

  2. Sorry but I cannot share the link because the people involved are both minors. Even if they are not, I will still not share it. It's making rounds in Facebook, so you might stumble upon the link one day. I suggest however, we cease to share these kinds of videos as it is detrimental to the teenagers involved.

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