Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Disadvantages of having a Home Office

Recently I'm back in my table and laptop at home --- working as independent trainer & speaker again. My eight (or more) hour job just ended and I'm not really sure if I'm good at 8-hour jobs. But anyway let me tell you five disadvantages of working at home:

1. You wake up at any hour of the day.
Owning a home office really needs more discipline in waking up earlier to call your clients and do some stuff within the same 8-hour day job time frame. You also tend to sleep late in the night or early in the morning doing nothing but your work.

2. You eat at any time of the day.
If you are pretty conscious of your shape, then you might want to reconsider this kind of work environment. Just imagine the fridge calling you every now and then for you to open and invade its contents. You don't have fix breaks and lunch time so you just tend to eat anything at anytime. Not healthy.

3. You don't get to dress and look good.
Since you're just at home, you'll decide to wear your 'pambahay' outfit and start working. You'll miss to wear semi-formal outfits to impress a crush or just to feel good about yourself. Later you'll see wearing plain casual wear even in a client's meeting. The horror!

4. You are the Boss and the Office Aide at the same time.
Since there's nobody but you in your home office, there's nobody to clean up the mess but you. Most of the times you also become the computer technician or the plumber (especially if you are being super frugal).

5. You tend to lose your outside social life.
Though not entirely but sometimes having all the comforts at home makes you lessen your activities outside especially to movie houses, bars and the likes. You'll invite your friends for a drink, or watch a movie - at home! And when some friends invite you outside, you'll try to weigh things and think over if it's worth the outfit and the money. But if you are too bored at home, ypu can just invite friends to go out for anything and you'll find out they aren't available till 6:00.

Add to the list by sharing your opinions and comment below!

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