Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do you pack good?

Hey cuties, I'm back! And this time I'm blogging via mobile. This is the first time I'm doing this so I'm testing it. If it works well then I might blog often using this device and app.

I've been travelling lately and I noticed that packing is something one should learn in his or her own way.

There's no way to pack things the way you want 'em.

So I learned how to pack efficiently and save space so I can travel lighter and have enough spaces should I plan to buy souvenir items.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Know your itinerary.
It's highly important you know where you're going. By that I mean, the exact place or country, so you would know what clothes to bring. Also knowing where and what you want to do already tells you what you would want to bring and eliminates bringing unnecessary things.

2. How long are you staying?
More often than not, we like to pack some additional clothes here and some pants there. Then you'll find out there's either too many things or bags to bring or you have no more space to store. I bring only the clothes I need for the number of days I'll be gone. I might bring some extra underwear and shirts just in case but it won't be an extra 3 pieces more.

3. Towels?
If you are checking in a hotel, you may not want to consider bringing your towels (unless for some hygeinic purposes you prefer to use your own). Towels take a huge space in your bag so be prudent in bringing them. The same goes with bringing an iron.

4. Roll 'em tight.
When packing your clothes, the best way to conserve space is to fold them then roll them tightly. Then when putting them in your bag/case, store them tightly together (like taking the space out in between them). Smaller items like hankies can be just folded since rolling them would take a bigger space.

5. Know your bag well.
Getting to know your bag/case from all sides, inside and out, can help you know available spaces for storage or extra spaces to store smaller items like your undies, socks and toiletries. But just to be safe, put your liquids in plastic bags or sealable plastic bags. This is something I do even in domestic flights just to be safe they won't be confiscated.

And lastly, know your baggage limit. It would be best to weigh your packed things first to know if you need to take out some of them. Unless you are comfortable in paying for excesses then do as you pleased.

So travel light and travel happy. Enjoy!

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