Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The New People Power

A good friend of mine and a very pro-active young leader said that the "People Power" should now be transformed into the actual votes where people are voting for the right people. Usec. Leon Flores III, Chairman & CEO of the National Youth Commission spoke to the attendees of the EDSA27 Bloggers' Meet held last February 25, 2013 in celebration of the 27th year of the Filipino People Power that overthrew the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and installed Cory Aquino to presidency.

This simple gathering of bloggers and social media advocates is organized by the NCR Council of the EDSA People Power Commission in partnership with the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).

PCW's AECID Project Manager Ms. Jenny Lind Elmaco graced the event by giving her opening remarks. She told the participants that she is also a blogger and was interested in blogging about wars when she was abroad. She tells the participants the critical role of women during the dictatorial rule and during the People Power revolution. 

Usec. Leon was also very gracious to stay a bit more and to discuss to young bloggers about how young people can work to make a better nation through blogging and by effective use of advocacy and social media. He was also open to the young leaders about any questions regarding the operations of the National Youth Commission.

Aside from the talks from Ms. Jenny and Usec. Leon, the young bloggers and social media advocates discussed on ways to come up with a good strategy ask young people to vote cleanly and wisely this coming elections.

The attendees agreed that the new People Power should now manifest through the votes of the people and have agreed to meet to discuss an online campaign for this reason. 
Earlier that day EPPC-NCR joined the EDSA People Power Commission and thousands of Filipinos who marched to the EDSA Shrine to re-enact the "salubungan". The EPPC-NCR Vice Chairperson led in organizing an advocacy concert the following day as well.

We're encouraging young people to not just celebrate the renewed democracy we had through People Power revolution but ask them to ensure that our future remains bright for us and the next by actively campaigning and working with the government for a good and quality governance and that we elect the right leaders whose integrity shall not waver. 

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