Saturday, March 30, 2013

[ACD Daily 003] Ignoramus

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Dear Cuties,

Today I learned how to activate my Google Analytics and to track my readers through it. Honestly, I have no idea how to do it and that I'll die an instant death trying to find my way in without any assistance. 

But I'm glad a colleague of mine who is into blogging for quite a time now went an extra mile to help me. He coached me how to do it online. He's Nurse Hussein of He was patient with me and guided me through the rough terrains of blogging. Although I have been writing for over a year now, I'm still new to blogging and that there are still quite a lot of things I need to learn about.
I also started to fix my Google AdSense account. My first application got dumped for reasons they could only understand. I hope my second application will get approved. Also I started inquiring about ads in blogs and here's what I got from the online community Filipino Bloggers Worldwide
For Copy Paste Articlespr0 - $7 for 2 linkspr1 - $10 for 2 linkspr2 - $20 for 2 linkspr3 - $40 for 2 links
For sidebar linkspr0 - $30/ 3 monthspr1 - $50/ 3 monthspr2 - $70/ 3 monthspr3 - $90/ 3 months
For Paidpostpr0-pr1 - $10 200 wordspr2 - $25 200 wordspr3 - $40 200 words
For ad banners125 x 125 - $10/month180x125 - $15/month468x60, 160x600 and 336x280 - $30/month240x400, 300x250 - $40/month728x90 - $50/month 
Isn't this helpful? I was inquiring because some of my private partners are now asking for the price rates for they might advertise in my blog. And again, ignorant as I am, I have completely no idea I can even accept ads in my blog. But then again, grateful as I am for people like Hussein and from the blogging community who are not keeping information to themselves. 

Who knows, one day I might help another ignorant person who would like to become a blogger. ^_^ 

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  1. Just feel free to message me for any queries as long as I know the answer LOL. You can also try they are local ads.