Friday, March 29, 2013

[ACD Daily 002] Good Governance

Dear Cuties,

YESTERDAY I had a good talk to a small group but formidable young leaders of the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the Philippines (AICAP) about the changes young people can bring should we start employing the virtues of good governance. 

We arrived in the morning with Dave and Joey, AYHA's President. Joey discussed the basics of Good Governance while I gave a talk on young people's participation in governance and policy reforms. 

We were invited by AICAP's outgoing president, an outstanding student and leader, Irish Santiago (who by the way is a fellow leader in Liberal Party's youth arm). This is not the first time I spoke about Good Governance and young people's meaningful participation in political and legislative reforms and I am quite happy that young people are becoming more and more active in discussing this among themselves.

Then after our talk we had a side trip to Tagaytay and went to their "People's Park" after more than 30 minutes of waiting for a jeepney that will take us there.

People's Park is a park owned by the Local Government and is known to many tourists. This park is often visited by foreigners and is highly attended by street vendors too. 

What amazed me in this "People's Park" is that it has a lot of 'fees' from the entrance fee, there is a private jeepney taking you atop the hill with a fee, you may sit in their "cottages" for a fee, and you may park your car for a fee too. So much for a "people's park"! 

So if you're going to pay for all those here's what you're gonna get:

P20.00 for the parking fee
P30.00 for the entrance fee
P100.00 for the cottage fee

A maximum of P150.00 per person! And their foods being sold are also quite costly too. And all you get to do is to see mountains, green flats, and some building. That's it.


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