Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[ACD Daily 001] Uncertainty

Dear Cuties (Readers), 

I decided to write more often and write some light things about my thoughts, experiences and anything that catches my interest. Aside from the regular column I write about health and youth and of course my commentaries on certain issues, I'd like to keep this one a bit more personal but less like a diary. I call this ACD Daily ^_^.

Well today wasn't a very busy day for me. I just had a meeting with Usec. Leon Flores III, Chairman of the National Youth Commission on some of the things I'm currently doing and to mainstream some of them to the Commission's activities. We also had a small chitchat, as what friends usually do when we don't meet that frequent. I was with my partner Dave and Joey, AYHA's President. 

In the past days, I generally felt uncertain of many things - from friendships to other relationships and most especially on my career. Though my passion for public service has now been my topmost concern, I would still see myself as a career-oriented individual and that ensuring my career, profession and work would also trouble me should it becomes imbalanced.

It's like I am hanging by a thread and not getting any assurance of anything. It's like living in a limbo and not knowing where to go. But hey there goes my adventure, perhaps these things will go somewhere better in time.

But I started this journey of uncertainties and that sometimes living this kind of life is also being ready for whatever should happen. So I guess I should start including this in my dictionary.

So how many of you feel uncertainties like this?


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