Friday, November 22, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] DOH released Implementing Guidelines on the Nurse Deployment Project 2014

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Nurse's Notes
By Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
December 01-15, 2013 Issue

We were just talking about DOH's final closure of the RNHEALS program, which run for four years. Speculations of a new program spread in the nursing community like wildfire, to some even calling it "Nurses to the Barrios Program" because the new program operates like the DTTB Program of the health department. In my previous column I debunked this circulating rumors when I find time to meet DOH's Health Human Resource Development Bureau (HHRDB) Director. 

Monday, November 04, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] DOH ends RNHEALS, replaces with an Employment Program

Nurse's Notes
By Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
November 01-15, 2013 Issue

The Department of Health is finally ending its RNHEALS Program (Registered Nurse for Health Enhancement and Local Service) after four years under the leadership of Secretary Enrique Ona. RNHEALS is a skills enhancement program of the Department where nurses are “deployed” to different DOH-retained hospitals and rural health units.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] Certified Nurses

Nurse's Notes
By: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
October 16-30, 2013 Issue

The Department of Health recently launched their Nurse Certification Program which is designed to establish a competency-based learning intervention and development for nurses. It adopts a career level progression towards a certain specialty in the nursing practice. This program is supervised by the Department together with the different DOH-specialty hospitals and with the consultation from specialty nursing organizations and the Board of Nursing.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The DOH Nurse Certification Program

Visit DOH-NCP's Website

The DOH Nurse Certification Program is a DOH-initiated and supervised system of developing and certifying nurses based on a set of standard competencies in specific specialty areas.

Features of the DOH Nurse Certification Program
* Competency-based development that will be standardized across all hospitals
* Assessment of competencies is a major part the implementation
* With level progression: Levels 1-2 General Nursing; Levels 3-5 - Specialty Nursing
* Certification will be based on the competencies demonstrated and applied in the workplace

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] Reasons why I believe SK should not be abolished

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Nurse's Notes
By Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
October 01-15, 2013 Issue

While waiting for my plane to board, let me tell you something honest. I do not completely understand the mechanism of Sangguniang Kabataan or simply known as SK when I was younger. What I do remember though is that I was asked to run as SK Chairman when I was, oh well, overaged. I came to appreciate it late.

Friday, September 13, 2013

NAPC Youth supports SK election postponement


Whereas, the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections will be held on the 28th of October, without the needed and necessary reforms that could result to a more effective and efficient SK in place.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] Porkless Diet

Vital Signs Column
By Alvin Dakis, RN
September 15-30, 2013

I am back! After around 3 months of hiatus from writing I have returned. My work as an Executive Director of a foundation took so much of my time and prevented me from writing (because my brain cells were fried up even before I start writing). But hey, I'm back and that's what matters.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Disadvantages of having a Home Office

Recently I'm back in my table and laptop at home --- working as independent trainer & speaker again. My eight (or more) hour job just ended and I'm not really sure if I'm good at 8-hour jobs. But anyway let me tell you five disadvantages of working at home:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Universal Health Care and Access to Medicine - A Policy Dialogue

TheDepartment of Health (DOH) today declared that an improved access toinexpensive and quality medicines is a critical component of this administration’sUniversal Health Care agenda.

“Universal access to medicine is anindispensible component of Universal Health Care or Kalusugan Pangkalahatan (KP); hence, we will pursue measures toimprove access to medicines,” said Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona, adding thatthis has been a resounding battle cry not only by the Department but also byindividuals, institutions and sectors that are pushing for KP in the country.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do you pack good?

Hey cuties, I'm back! And this time I'm blogging via mobile. This is the first time I'm doing this so I'm testing it. If it works well then I might blog often using this device and app.

I've been travelling lately and I noticed that packing is something one should learn in his or her own way.

There's no way to pack things the way you want 'em.

So I learned how to pack efficiently and save space so I can travel lighter and have enough spaces should I plan to buy souvenir items.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yahoo! Philippines: "Alvin Cloyd Dakis: Nursing nurses’ rights"

His strong support for various health-related advocacies, especially nurses' rights, has earned him the title "pambansang nurse (national nurse)," but Alvin Cloyd Dakis, 27, said he did not become a nurse by choice.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

[Rappler Article] Why the country needs universal health care

Why the country needs universal health care

 Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RNPosted on 05/01/2013 1:15 AM  | Updated 05/01/2013 9:12 AM
Original Link:                                 

When I became a nurse, universal health care was never on my mind. As fresh nursing graduates, only a few of us would even think of joining the public health force then. Many of us thought at the time that community health was one of the most uninteresting and lowly fields of all in the nursing practice.

I studied nursing with perks of being a nurse abroad in mind, like receiving higher earnings than those employed locally as some of my professors said.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] My #PurpleVote

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Nurse's Notes
By Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
May 01-15, 2013 Issue

The 2013 Mid-term Elections is fast approaching and time and again I have been asked of whom I will support for both national and local offices. Honestly, I am still in the process of scrutinizing some of them.

But one of the major criteria I am looking for in a candidate is his/her stand on the Reproductive Health Law. For me following the principle of the RH Law is one of the basic tenets of good leadership – providing opportunities for those who do not have the means to access basic services, educating the young people of the implications of their behaviors & actions and making them own their decisions for their bodies, and empowering women and the poor to decide for their families and themselves.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

#AskAlvin Dying without dignity

#AskAlvin 002

I’m an RN who works in a regional hospital in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and a member of a great union that understands the importance of skill, training, and education to be an effective healthcare team professional, at the bedside. I greatly admire the efforts your organization is striving for, in addressing inequity and bringing modern healthcare to one of the most amazing people, I have had the honor to know and learn from. It is great to see RNs creating a voice for the Philippines. This, for the simple reason we are patient-centered and therefore their advocates- especially when they do not have a voice.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

[ACD Daily 005] Loving a bisexual

Guests at #SexTalk with Ana Santos
Dear Cuties,

I had a great day! I was with fellow blogger and sexual health advocate Ana Santos, sex columnist of Rappler, in her #SexTalk Google Hang-out to talk about sexuality specifically on homo and bisexuality. 

I arrived at 6 PM at the Rappler office in Ortigas with Dave. I was supposed to be on online patch but then when I knew that Seb Castro (@SebastiansLife) will be there, I changed my schedule (insert fanboy scream).

#AskAlvin May patutunguhan ba ang same sex relationship?

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#AskAlvin 001
I'm a discreet bi, perhaps. Me and my first bf broke last year for the reason that he wants to marry (a woman). 9 years po gap namin. wala po bang patutunguhan ang same sex relationship? I apologize if my query sounds offensive. 
Until now the past still haunts me. Parang ayoko na pong sumugal ulit. I feel helpless and pathetic. Ibig sabihin, kapag umabot ako sa edad na ganun kailangan ko ring iwan partner ko (if meron man) just for the sake of having a typical family mandated by the norms?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] What Universal Health Care Means to Me?

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Nurse's NotesBy: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
April 16-30, 2013 Issue

Honestly I have heard of Universal Health Care only in 2010, but this has been in the pipeline years ahead. I was wondering what happened in the previous years why this topic has not come to the fore. I think the current administration played a huge role to make Universal Health Care worth discussing when it included it in their agenda and platform of governance.

When I graduated and became a registered nurse, Universal Health Care was never in my mind. I studied nursing with many of my college professors talking about foreign employment, living abroad or earning much higher than being employed locally. Only a few from among us would even think of joining the public health force that time. That time, many of us think that community health is one of the most uninteresting and lowly of all fields of nursing practice.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

[ACD Daily 004] Thank You

Lately, I took an extra mile in what I usually do. I heeded to the challenge of pursuing a vacant seat in the National Youth Commission as it's Commissioner-at-Large. It was certainly a huge challenge to hurdle. 

A new Commissioner was chosen, Raphael Cruz, son of Usec. Cruz from the Office of the Executive Secretary. My heartfelt congratulations!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Choice for 2013 Elections (The leaders I worked with and why I chose them)

The 2013 Senatorial Candidates
The 2013 Mid-term Elections is fast approaching and time and again I have been asked of who will I support for both national and local offices. Honestly, I am still in the process of scrutinizing some of them. But I have worked with some of them personally already and perhaps I will include them in my list because of their dedication to either help the nurses, pursue Universal Health Care or upholding young people's meaningful participation in governance.

The list that I will publish will include the people I have currently and previously worked with or those whom I believe because of their track record.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

[ACD Daily 003] Ignoramus

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Dear Cuties,

Today I learned how to activate my Google Analytics and to track my readers through it. Honestly, I have no idea how to do it and that I'll die an instant death trying to find my way in without any assistance. 

But I'm glad a colleague of mine who is into blogging for quite a time now went an extra mile to help me. He coached me how to do it online. He's Nurse Hussein of He was patient with me and guided me through the rough terrains of blogging. Although I have been writing for over a year now, I'm still new to blogging and that there are still quite a lot of things I need to learn about.

Call for applicants: Lead Like Jesse Youth Leadership Training Program

Calling all young Filipinos aged between 16-23 years old! 

Looking for something exciting and worthwhile to do this summer? 

Join our Lead like Jesse Youth Leadership Training Program this coming April 25-27,2013! For more information, you can send an email to or call (02) 990-3282.

Friday, March 29, 2013

[ACD Daily 002] Good Governance

Dear Cuties,

YESTERDAY I had a good talk to a small group but formidable young leaders of the Adventist Inter-Collegiate Association of the Philippines (AICAP) about the changes young people can bring should we start employing the virtues of good governance. 

We arrived in the morning with Dave and Joey, AYHA's President. Joey discussed the basics of Good Governance while I gave a talk on young people's participation in governance and policy reforms. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[ACD Daily 001] Uncertainty

Dear Cuties (Readers), 

I decided to write more often and write some light things about my thoughts, experiences and anything that catches my interest. Aside from the regular column I write about health and youth and of course my commentaries on certain issues, I'd like to keep this one a bit more personal but less like a diary. I call this ACD Daily ^_^.

Well today wasn't a very busy day for me. I just had a meeting with Usec. Leon Flores III, Chairman of the National Youth Commission on some of the things I'm currently doing and to mainstream some of them to the Commission's activities. We also had a small chitchat, as what friends usually do when we don't meet that frequent. I was with my partner Dave and Joey, AYHA's President. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

#RHLaw Young people's challenges & hopes on RPRH Law

THE R. A. 10354 also known as the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 was recently signed last December 2012. Following a 60-day timeline, the DOH Secretary appointed members to form the Drafting Committee of the RPRH Law's Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). The Drafting Committee is composed of different national government agencies, leagues of cities, municipalities and provinces and from the civil society groups. The Drafting Committee is supported by the DOH's Technical & Advocacy Working Group (TAWG).

From Villar to Gapuz: Ignorance of the Nursing Profession goes on

Ray Gapuz's statement regarding the role of the nurse
FILIPINO NURSES were not over yet with the Cynthia Villar statement recently and surprisingly now coming from a nurse himself and owner of a nursing review center - Ray Gapuz.

His initial question "RNs where should we be?" started his statement then goes on telling his followers the stereotypical view of teachers, priests, soldiers, doctors and nurses by saying their "primary" duties.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#RHLaw Copy of SQA order of the Supreme Court on the RPRH Law implementation

Sign the Petition! Let's ask SC to reverse SQA order on the implementation of RPRH Law.

Sign here:
SQA Order of RPRH

NYC: The temporary setback on RH Law implementation is a great disservice to young people

Reproductive Health Care is and has always been a right. The temporary setback on RH Law implementation is a great disservice to young people.

The National Youth Commission, as the voice and advocate of the youth, is confident that Reproductive Health Law (R.A. 10354) will still prevail despite the Status Quo Ante (SQA) order of the Supreme Court last March 19, 2013.

Voting 5-10, the Supreme Court of the Philippines stops the implementation of the RH Law for 120 days through a Status Quo Ante (SQA) order as a verdict to the eight (8) petitions filed by Pro-Life groups. 

RH law implementing rules clarifies gender sensitive provision of health services

From the Philippine Commission on Women, Office of the President
For many women and families, the long wait is finally over. The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law was finally passed on December 21, 2012 after a “long and contentious battle” in Congress. Last March 15, 2013, its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) was signed at the Baseco Compound, Tondo, Manila. Indeed, a very “fitting” venue considering that the RPRH law aims to assist the marginalized sectors of society, particularly in reducing maternal mortality in the Philippines.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lagman: I believe RH constitutionality will sustain

The status quo ante order issued by the Supreme Court is only a temporary delay in the implementation of the Reproductive Health law to enable the High Court to fully assess the merits and demerits of the pending petitions challenging the constitutionality of the RH law.

I firmly believe that eventually the constitutionality of the RH law will be sustained.

The RH advocates had prevailed in the legislative and executive departments, and they will likewise triumph in the High Court.

Monday, March 18, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] Forgiveness and Justice

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Nurse's Notes
By Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
April 1-15, 2013 Issue

The online outrage of Filipino nurses resulted an issuance of an apology by senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar. In an online post, she said:
"I have only the deepest respect and admiration for Filipino nurses. Kung nakasakit ako ng damdamin ninyo, humihingi po ako ng dispensa. Nagkulang kasi ng oras sa aking pagsagot sa medyo komplikadong tanong. Sa lahat ng mga nursing students at mga nurses natin, iginagalang ko kayo at ang nais ko lang ay hindi maipit ang pag-aaral ng mga nursing students dahil sa hindi pagkakaunawaan ng mga may-ari ng eskwelahan at mga pinuno ng CHED noong mga panahon na yon."

I easily forgive Mrs. Villar but sadly I do not easily forget. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Statement of the National Anti-Poverty Commission-Youth and Students Sectoral Council on the Death of a UP-Manila Student Allegedly Triggered by Unpaid Tuition

Poverty kills. 

The National Anti-Poverty Commission Youth and Students’ Sector (NAPC-YSS) mourns the death of a University of the Philippines-Manila (UP-Manila) student allegedly due to deeply-rooted family and financial problems which forced her to take a leave of absence from UP-Manila. Kristel, a 16 year-old Behavioral Studies student, committed suicide and was found dead early morning of March 15. 

NAPC-YSS calls on the Philippine government to re-assess its education programs towards making the system more accessible to the youth. As duty-bearers, the government and its agencies must make education responsive to the needs and situation of young people, especially those coming from the poorest of the poor.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The New People Power

A good friend of mine and a very pro-active young leader said that the "People Power" should now be transformed into the actual votes where people are voting for the right people. Usec. Leon Flores III, Chairman & CEO of the National Youth Commission spoke to the attendees of the EDSA27 Bloggers' Meet held last February 25, 2013 in celebration of the 27th year of the Filipino People Power that overthrew the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and installed Cory Aquino to presidency.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Anti-Poverty Youth calls to stop misinformation of RP-RH Law

Manila, Philippines - The Youth & Students Sectoral Council of the National Anti-Poverty Commission reiterates their stand on the recently signed Responsible Parenthood & Reproductive Health Act of 2012 or R. A. 10354. 

The Council, assembled by virtue of the Social Reform & Poverty Alleviation Act of 1998, is formed by different youth organizations from the country being appointed by the President of the Philippines to serve as one of the bodies that reviews the government's poverty reduction programs. 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] Dissecting Cynthia Villar's "Room Nurse" Issue (Villar Vs Filipino Nurses Part 2)

Cynthia Villar meets the nurses
Vital Signs Column
By: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
March 15-30, 2013 Issue

Before anything else, I would like to ask all my readers to have an open mind on this issue. I raised several points in our short meeting and was cordial in our conversation. 

Prior to our meeting yesterday, March 8th, I was already talking to Senator Pia Cayetano's Chief of Staff who relayed that Senator Pia would like to ask me if I would be open for a dialogue with Mrs. Villar. She knew that I would keep an open mind about the issue and hear Mrs. Villar objectively. I told Senator Pia that I am open for a dialogue from their camp (Senator Pia and I have been together during the RH Bill's campaign and the issue of nurse exploitation). Noting my previous article I said that I knew the pressure on being in national TV, having a very limited time in responding and other factors that might have affected Mrs. Villar's careless response. 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

From "Room Nurses" to "Idiot Nurses": Filipino nurses wage against demoralization

My attention was called again when a certain Grace Delacruz Manabat said that those nurses who are "accusing" her senatorial bet are 'idiots'.

Well I do expect some supporters to rally behind their senatorial bet but to call those nurses who just wanted to ask Mrs. Villar to properly address the profession as idiots, then clearly someone is not understanding the real issue here. 

Misis Villar apologizes to nurses; Dakis, no excuse for ignorance

Saw this poster entitled: Dakis Vs Villar
The online outrage of Filipino nurses resulted an issuance of an apology by senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar. In an online post, two hours ago, she said:
‎"I have only the deepest respect and admiration for Filipino nurses. Kung nakasakit ako ng damdamin ninyo, humihingi po ako ng dispensa. Nagkulang kasi ng oras sa aking pagsagot sa medyo komplikadong tanong. Sa lahat ng mga nursing students at mga nurses natin, iginagalang ko kayo at ang nais ko lang ay hindi maipit ang pag-aaral ng mga nursing students dahil sa hindi pagkakaunawaan ng mga may-ari ng eskwelahan at mga pinuno ng CHED noong mga panahon na yon."

Saturday, March 02, 2013

[Vital Signs Guest Editorial Piece] Nurses (and the public) deserve better than Cynthia Villar (Villar Vs Filipino Nurses Part 1)

This is Vital Signs' Guest Editorial piece chosen by the publisher for their March 15, 2013 Issue. Visit
I was out of Manila when I received messages from Filipino nurses about the remarks made recently by senatorial candidate and former Las Pinas City Representative Cynthia Villar. 

It was during one of the episodes of "Pagsubok ng mga Kandidato" aired by GMA News TV last February 23, 2013 when Cynthia Villar was asked by Winnie Monsod regarding the issue of the CHED & the Technical Committee on Nursing Education's (TCNE) attempt to close down low performing nursing schools during her term as the chair of the House Committee on Higher & Technical Education. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] Jobless

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Vital Signs Column
By: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
March 01-15, 2013 Issue

Unemployment or joblessness is one of the major issues the country is facing today. The Philippines have 7 percent unemployment rate in 2011 higher than its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. In the nursing profession, this issue seemed to get the top spot of the concerns of our Filipino health professionals.

The Philippines is experiencing what I coin as “Professional Poverty” wherein despite the increasing number of registered professional nurses and thousands of graduate nurses produced every year, the country still suffers from health service inequalities, lack of adequate and competent health human resource, and loose track on the welfare of individual service provider.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Well, it's that time of the year again na kung saan bumabaha ng mga bulaklak, tsokolate, at kung anu-anong ka-sweetan sa daan, sa TV, sa dyaryo, billboards at sa mga tarpaulins sa may mga motel.

Ito ang panahon ng pagninilay-nilay ng mga singles - kung bakit single pa rin sila ngayon. Ito din ang panahon na nabubutas ang mga bulsa ng magsing-irog kakadeyt, at bumili ng mga bagay na corny, mushy, sweet at lahat na halos kulay pula, pink o anything na malapit sa kulay na yon.

Gaano ba ka-importante ang isang araw na tadtad ng mga bagay na hugis puso?

Saturday, February 02, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] Losing the Power of the Numbers

Photo credit: 
Vital Signs Column
By: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
February 16-28 Issue

The December Nursing Licensure Examination results were out! 16, 908 new nurses join the Philippine health workforce out of the 49, 066 takers. A staggering 16,908 more to those almost 300,000 unemployed and underemployed nurses struggling in the country.

This is one of the most alarming national passing percentages in the Philippine nursing profession. In this recent board exam we only have around 35% passing rate. Is this something we should be proud of?

Friday, January 25, 2013

[Vital Signs Column] No New Grads

Photo credit:
Vital Signs Column
By: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
February 01-15 Issue

I was recently interviewed in one of the major News TV channels about the US’s policy on not hiring newly graduated and foreign-educated nurses onto their shores. This policy drew different reactions from Filipino nurses who are particularly one of the many foreign-educated nurses who migrate and work in the US.

Personally, I support this initiative of the US government. Let me share you my thoughts on the matter.