Saturday, August 18, 2012

AYNLA United Nurses Party launched, candidates set

UNP's Official Logo
Quezon City, Philippines - The members of the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. also known as AYNLA is now preparing for its first National Elections of their Board of Trustees and Executive Council set this August 20, 2012.

Some founding members of the Board of Trustees together with some national officers were set to join the race for the next set of the Board of Trustees that will govern the fastest rising nursing organization in the country today.

Outgoing AYNLA's Founder, Chairman & President, Alvin Dakis also declared his official candidacy to run for the same position in the coming elections. "I have to undergo the same process as like that of everyone to exercise our democratic right to vote and be voted upon." Dakis said.

A new political party was created headed by AYNLA's founder & current National President called the United Nurses Party (UNP) - the administration party and launched its official slate of candidates:

Chairperson & President - Nr. ALVIN DAKIS
Vice Chairperson & Executive Vice President - Nr. REIGNER ANTIQUERA

Corporate Secretary/Secretary-General - Nr. JONATHAN MONIS
Corporate Treasurer - Nr. JANINA SANTOS
Corporate Auditor - Nr. TINA SIUAGAN
Trustee-at-Large/VP for Northern Philippines - Nr. NOVEMBER RAMOS
Trustee-at-Large - Nr. LUIGI GUZMAN

United Nurses Party established its Five Point Agenda & Platform of Governance also known as 5S Agenda:
  1. Strengthening Internal Systems & Empowering Local Chapters - UNP believes that stabilizing internal systems should be a priority in making a better AYNLA. Internal systems such as financial tracking, reporting, accounting, systems monitoring, manual of operations, and other templates are now being started and should be continued and be implemented uniformly nationwide. UNP also set guidelines for developing & empowering Local Chapters and in ensuring that structures are set for local chapters to implement, making it easier for them to operate in their localities. 
  2. Sustaining Programs & Initiatives - UNP's candidates are also its current Board Members & National Officers that have been busy connecting with different partners to create programs and initiatives for nurses. Under UNP's leadership, they vouch to continue all programs and initiatives that are in the pipelines such as those with the Department of Health, World Health Organization, International Labor Organization, PhilHealth, other major stakeholders and other national programs of the Alliance that has reaped awards and recognition locally & internationally.
  3. Securing Nursing Opportunities within and beyond Clinical Practice - AYNLA has been known to be a nursing organization of innovation and opportunities where nurses would want to develop their leadership. UNP's leaders are ensuring that these nursing opportunities within clinical practice and innovations that they have started such as those in nursing informatics, telehealth etc.
  4. Solidifying Service Leadership - AYNLA has been known to have grown quality nurses who volunteer for health development and who develops leadership skills which are service-oriented. Under UNP, this leadership skill will be harnessed ensuring that every local leaders be given opportunities to develop their leadership, every member be trained to lead, and best practices be highlighted and recognized. 
  5. Safeguarding Nurses' Rights & Welfare - efforts to safeguard and protect the welfare & rights of nurses has been initiated by President Dakis and AYNLA's leaders such as those efforts made in the House of Representatives, Senate and developmental partners. Under UNP, these efforts will be strengthened and developed.

All the Five Point Agenda seeks to achieve the vision of UNP of a stable and unified AYNLA International Inc.  

Henceforth, 4 UNP Values are essential to accomplish the party's 5-Point Agenda. These are as follows: Inclusivity, Integrity, Maturity and Solidarity

UNP's tagline "Unifying Nurses for Progress" transcends beyond a nursing political organization in AYNLA, it is a call to unify a profession to work for the common good and a vision of a better tomorrow.

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