Saturday, August 18, 2012

AYNLA United Nurses Party launched, candidates set

UNP's Official Logo
Quezon City, Philippines - The members of the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. also known as AYNLA is now preparing for its first National Elections of their Board of Trustees and Executive Council set this August 20, 2012.

Some founding members of the Board of Trustees together with some national officers were set to join the race for the next set of the Board of Trustees that will govern the fastest rising nursing organization in the country today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Those who oppose RH are the real promoters of abortion - Likhaan

Senator Tito Sotto, based on evidence copied from Facebook, blogs and other similar sources, once more accuses several organizations and civil society leaders of promoting abortion. Nothing can be further from the truth.
The single biggest promoter of increased abortions in the Philippines is the anti-RH movement. It fanatically opposes family planning, post-abortion care and sexuality education – in the guise of being “pro life.” Yet these RH measures are critical to reducing abortions and saving lives.
Effective family planning minimizes unplanned pregnancies – the starting point of most women's decision to undergo an abortion. Humane post-abortion care reduces repeat abortions through counseling and immediate access to contraception. Sexuality education by trained schoolteachers cuts down teenagers' risky sexual behaviors.

The Purple Aquino

Paolo Benigno Aquino IV
Probably he will be the only Aquino that I have to deviate from the usual color. 

Bam Aquino and I are both Fellows of the Asia Society - an international fellowship of young leaders from the Asia-Pacific region chosen annually from different fields of expertise. But before that Bam's popularity precedes him as being the former Chair of the Philippines' National Youth Commission.

Long before we have met in person, I have high regards to the man, of being the face of youth issues and in helping small to medium entrepreneurs. It was more of that than being the cousin of the Philippine President. Well, I guess that would add up now.

Monday, August 13, 2012

[Vital Signs Column] The Road to Universal Health Care

The DOH Secretary's Cup for
Universal Health Care

Vital Signs
By: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN
August 01-15, 2012 Issue

I was live tweeting during the launch of the Universal Health Care "Secretary's Cup" at the Department of Health last July 25 and I was thinking how would young people appreciate this and how would they even care to make this goal happen? I was listening and tweeting intently but partly wondering as well.

In all honesty, many people of my age, the 20s, would care less or would not even care about this. If asked, they wouldn't even have any single hint of what "Universal Health Care" means. It is for this reason, our nurses partnered with the Department of Health to create a 7-month campaign to make Universal Health Care known to people nation-wide to professionals, students, and to the communities. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

[PhilStar Blogs] Perverts in MRT

The Manila Metro Rail Transit System or better known as MRT is a famous transport for commuting passengers from EDSA-Pasay Terminal inter-linking LRT Line 1 to North Avenue Terminal in Quezon City. It is actually quite a long & tiring ride if you are to take one end terminal to another.

MRT is the busiest transit of all the 3 major trains in Metro Manila and it has the densest number of passengers especially during rush hours and sometimes surprisingly almost every hour. The MRT caters to thousands and thousands of passengers everyday and if you are new to Metro Manila and it is your first time to ride the MRT, it is one grueling, tiresome and offending ride. Because it caters a lot of passengers (which sometimes I believe the train is being overloaded), when the train makes a turn, you would feel that it will tilt a bit.