Friday, July 27, 2012

Be an International Citizen Service Volunteer!

International Citizen Service's (ICS) Youth Action program gives young people from the Philippines and the UK a unique opportunity to live, work and learn together, develop and share valuable skills, and make practical contributions to disadvantaged communities faced with challenging situations in the Philippines.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Seven Filipino celebrities who are nurses

So you've seen them in various TV shows, billboards, or have heard them in radios but you did not know that they were nurses. Some of them became nurses before they became celebrities and some finished their nursing degrees while they are already in show business.

Get to know some of Filipino celebrities who are nurses or who have nursing backgrounds!

AYNLA President receives award from France, first Asian winner of Connecting Nurses' Care Challenge

Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc.
Pod.RN (The Nurses’ Podcast Project)
Recipient Helping Hands Category, Care Challenge 2012

AYNLA is the first Asian entry and winner of the
2011 Care Challenge of Connecting Nurses 
In behalf of the organization I am representing, the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders International (AYNLA) founded and operated in  the Philippines, I would like to thank the Connecting Nurses Team and the rest of the jury who voted and chose our entry “Pod.RN” as one of the first ever recipient the Helping Hands Awards. We remain humble servants of the nursing profession.

In 2009, I have dreamed of one thing: to see young nurses actively participating in the issues of the nursing profession in our country. Back then, many of my colleagues are likely to be a bit apathetic over the issues and concerns the nursing profession is going through and would rather focus on their individual careers and work abroad. What came to me as a revelation and a vision became my greatest challenge – to organize and mobilize newly-passed nurses for the betterment of the profession.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Keynote Speech at AYNLA Abra Chapter's 1st Year Anniversary

1st AYNLA Abra Chapter’s Anniversary

Way back in 2009, I dreamt of this day to come – that empowered young professional nurses come together to help the nursing profession; that an active potent force be mobilized to help become a solution to the growing ills of the society; and to become the voice of caring peace in times of war – a war against diseases, inequities and social illness.

The rise of AYNLA International was not an easy one – in fact it was the hardest I have to hurdle in my entire life. It is the vision I have to fulfill and the calling I have to answer. From a small group of nine to the current network of 12,000, AYNLA indeed championed a lot of adversaries.

But what makes AYNLA special? How did we overturn our challenges into victories? What is our path to peace?