Friday, May 11, 2012

A peek to the DOH Nurses Career Progression/Nursing Residency Program

The Career Progression Program for Nurses is a post-graduate certification course in collaboration with the Board of Nursing (PRC-BON) and the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). The Development Academy of the Philippines will be the one to train all the pioneer trainer/instructors of the program while PRC-BON will be the one to ensure that the Career Progression Program will be incorporated to the Continuing Professional Education for Nurses process giving accredited units to those who will take the program.

Moreover, DOH is looking into creating modular approaches making the program not just accredited by PRC-BON but to make it accredited units for graduate courses. So all the nurses taking this program will have accredited units in their Master's degree. For example, you took the Career Progression Program training which is equivalent to 12 units in Maternal & Child Health Nursing; when you enroll in your Master's Degree in Maternal & Child Health Nursing, these 12 units will be carried over subtracting to the units you are going to take.

The number of nurses availing the program is not determined yet but I have seen the timeline of the program and everything is in the pipeline. The program is set to run for 6-18 months depending on the module/course. This program will be offered for free as well.

The Career Progression targets two (2) groups: first, the hospital's staff nurses and the second are those young nurses that will undergo screening process. The program proposes that staff nurses will be pulled out from their areas for the mean time while in training. They will receive the training for free but will be receiving their salaries in full. The young nurses however who will be chosen to undergo the training shall receive meal & transportation allowances and I think a small amount of per diem (which is unsure yet).

The Career Progression/Nurse Residency Program team is set to draft the modules this coming 1st week of May in Tagaytay and is expected to go on full throttle this July 2012.


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  1. This seems like a great program. I hope the nurses chosen will flourish!