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NYC Commissioner Gio Tingson responds to NYPAA and to anonymous blog about NYP 9's alleged controversy

(Dated) May 01, 2012

Members of the National Board


Dear members of the NYPAA National Board:

This is to inform you that I have personally read the following:

1. To the Filipino youth who must be concerned, written by an unknown party;
2. A letter addressed to NYC Chairperson Leon Flores III signed by NYPAA Secretary General Mr. Allan Magno, dated 20 April 2012; and
3. To the Filipino youth who must be concerned: A response from the National Youth Parliament Alumni Association.

Allow me to respond briefly with the following points:

FIRST, I would like to express my gratitude for the observations and comments you have provided the National Organizing Committee (NOC) of the 9th Parliament of Youth Leaders (NYP9). The Commission En Banc is confident that these statements spring from a genuine advocacy for the improvement of the Parliament of Youth Leaders and youth development.

SECOND, allow me to manifest my opposition as well as the Commission En Banc’s to the insinuation that the delegates for this year’s NYP9 are not of “quality”. In the second document listed above, part of which was quoted in the third document as well, your organization stated that, “…quality of applicants [for NYP9] were not remarkable as compared to previous parliaments and standards.” I must insist that of all your statements, the aforesaid declaration is flagrantly unsubstantiated and discriminatory. 

We reassert the framework NYC used in selecting delegates which is inclusive--providing for access to all youth and its sub-sectors. This is also contrary to NYPAA’s claim that this does not meet international standards, because NYC’s United Nations partner agencies have observed and emphatically stated that past implementations of the NYP could be improved to be more rights-based. To further explain our approach for NYP9, you may refer to our official April 27, 2012 on line web post, Revolutionizing the National Youth Parliament. (

THIRD, I am of the observation that the text and subtext of the articles listed above impress to its readers impropriety on the part of the NYP9 NOC. As the NOC Chairperson and as a member of the National Youth Commission, I take exception to these unproven and unmeritorious claims. Let me expressly state that the NOC, in the entire duration of the planning for NYP9, has worked with integrity, openness to all kinds of feedback and transparency and accountability in all our actions.

FOURTH, I recognize that I had not pursued a formal meeting with the NYPAA board after the feedback and consultation we had conducted last December 2011 before we formally convened the NYP9 NOC. We have in fact, sought feedback from other groups involved in the implementation of various programs of the NYC, such as UNFPA, ILO, as well as your organization, before formulating the NYP9 framework and program implementation. This is

because we wish to fully accommodate all groups willing and able to work for the continuous improvement of the Parliament of Youth Leaders on equal footing. The commission enters into formal partnerships in implementing major programs by entering into either a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or any terms of reference (TOR). 

FIFTH, as your formal letter has been addressed to Chairperson Leon Flores III, I respectfully ask for your patience for his formal response as he had earlier signified this to the commission. Also, despite the attempt to convene a meeting with the NYPAA board as coordinated with your interim president Evanesa Pasamba, in our last exchange, she said that I need not issue a formal notice. This is because according to her, the NYPAA had already written Chairperson Flores dated April 20, 2012, and that she will seek to schedule a formal meeting with your board and the commissioners involved in the NYP9 NOC. No coordination was done to me personally, nor to my office up to this point to facilitate the schedule of a meeting with NYPAA. 

At this time, I ask for a mutual exercise of forbearance in the conduct of NYP9. I believe that we share the interest of providing an experience and avenue for youth policy development for the current set of delegates. As expressed to your interim president, any NYC commissioner’s office as I and my capacity as NYP9 NOC chairperson am and will always be open for any meeting. In this light, we continue to seek dialogue with the National Youth Parliament Alumni Association.



NYP9 NOC Chairperson


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    Official Response of the National Youth Parliament Alumni Association, Inc. President Evanesa Pasamba in the NYPAAI Facebook groups

    I acknowledge the receipt of that letter BUT unfortunately that is NOT the official letter from the Commission as represented by Chairman Leon Flores. That is merely Mr Tingson's interpretation. The fact remains that despite the lengthy letter, it still does not respond to the points we have questioned. Since NYC has provided two differently crafted letters we opted to give weight to the response of Chairman Leon Flores as head of the Commission. We shall answer Mr. Tingson's letter in the proper venue and in the appropriate time. Thank you.

    Evanesa Quijano Pasamba
    National Youth Parliament Alumni Association, Inc.