Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NOW HIRING: Communication Officers of the Human Development and Poverty Reduction Cabinet Cluster’s Communications Office

The Human Development and Poverty Reduction Cabinet Cluster

HDPRCC Communications Office (DSWD main office in Batasan) is NOW HIRING the following:

1.) A Communications Officer IV with a degree in English, Comparative Literature, Humanities, Creative Writing or Journalism. Additional background in development work preferred. Must have excellent writing and analytical skills, and must be able to think and write from more than one perspective (since government necessarily represents multiple stakeholders). No die-hard advocates who refuse to do basic research on opposing points of view, please.

Must also be able to handle macroeconomic and political data with care and precision. Applicants who are careless with numbers, spelling or data in general need not apply.

Full-time job. Salary is: P35-37K, depending on the applicant's background.

2.) A Communications Officer II, preferably with a degree in Economics or Statistics and at least 2 years of experience in government service or with LGUs / NGOs. Must be strong in data gathering, technical, research and analytical skills in the field of human development and poverty reduction. Must also be able to communicate technical information to a non-specialized audience.

Full-time job. Salary is: P25-28K, depending on the applicant's background.

3.) A Communications Officer I with a degree in Communications Arts, who is well rounded in writing, radio, photography and videography. S/he will assist in the production of materials for dissemination to government agencies, NGOs, civil society, mass media and the general public.

Full-time job. Salary is: P18-21K, depending on the applicant's background.

All Communication Officers must be team players with good coordination and support skills.

Precision and punctuality (particularly with work submission) is an absolute must. No divas, please. Just applicants with a high degree of professionalism willing to roll up their sleeves and do their bit to help the country.

Please submit your applications to:

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