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[Vital Signs Column] Leadership, resignation and April Fool's Day

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April 01-15, 2012 Issue

April Fool's Day, April 1st -- I kinda don't mind this before and is not interested in participating. But I kinda change my mind and thought of throwing some pranks to my colleagues. 

I was trying to think of a good prank message that could shake some of my friends and followers in social media,

Le me think...

Tell them something bad happened to me and is at the hospital (too morbid)...

Change the date of my birthday to April 1 so every body will greet me "Happy Birthday" (too childish)...

Tell them my boyfie and I broke up (too dramatic, but hey it worked for my boyfie's FB post!)...


So I thought, why not something connected to where most of my time is revolving now -- my organizations?!

And yes, the creative juices flowed and got to finally posted this FB & Twitter status:

Finally, I have decided, it's time to leave AYNLA. I'm sorry guys, I can't bear it anymore, I have to resign. I will go home to Cebu na lang. T.T

Seconds after that, people start to wonder and started to comment (42 comments in that single thread actually). Let me highlight some of the good responses which I loved...
Joey Dela Cruz I understand the hardships and I respect the decision. Still hats off to you, Alvin.
Douglas Habkirk sorry to hear that Alvin but i know you will land on your feet and get a great job.......you have done such great work and its time for you to do something for you for awhile.

Tina Siuagan Parang nabanggit mo na nga sakin yan Sir dati. Pero never thought na ganito kadali mangyayari ang lahat... I have great confidence in your decisions Sir. Kung san ka dun na lang siguro kami...
Ryan David Leones Di mo naman po kailangan umalis ng AYNLA sir Alvin, pwede ka pa po maging consultant, sayang naman ung efforts niyo, maraming naniniwala sa inyo at lagi niyo po tandaan "Every nurse counts."
Franz Dinar Velasco Osida I understand sir. Just want u to know sir even in such a short time you inspired a lot of us :D
Jessie Empaces Goodluck but before making a major decision give it 10 days before making a move. If gusto mo pa gawin after the waiting time of 10 days then go ahead. God bless.
Reigner Jireh Antiquera like, you decided in just a couple of hours? nah.. everything seems okay..then suddenly ganito?? baka may gusto ka lang pag-usapan.. mag-usap muna ang board about this..
Jonathan Monis What the heck is happening today? 
This  one came from our AYNLA Officials group:
Ivy Generillo Tejada ‎:-( LETS TALK PO... let me gather all the officers and Govs for online meeting po. pls. bear with us. sorry, i was nt able to do my part. il ring them po.
Rollen Guivac I can't believe it sir, you deserve all the best. :(
And of course from my fanpage: 
Robert Ian Corpuz bakit sire.. bakit ka aalis!? kahit di pa kita kilala personally, if conflict inside the organzation yan.. wag ka umalis

Jj'Rus Rabaja sorry to hear that. AYNILA needs you sir.
And yes...quite a couple of text messages here and there, FB chats, inquiries, endless whys. As much as I wanted to break out in laughter, I simply can't. I'm planning to make my first April Fool's Day participation 'sulit'. So I planned to sustain the drama until around 9:00 in the evening.

And yes...I wasn't contented in fooling our co-officers and members of AYNLA but also my co-officers in the Liberal Party which I wrote in the Kabataang Liberal FB Group:
Another political party (which was a rival) has invited me to lead their entire youth group, therefore I have to bid you farewell. And see you soon.
Speculations of why I am resigning from the organization I have founded and leaving my political organization rose quickly from the time I posted those statuses. People, especially in my organization started to talk about it and it spread like wildfire nationwide. 

Some members became emotional, others doubtful and still others deadma hahaha. But you know what, in the entire time while this foolish experiment is on-going I made some good reflections and realizations that I would like to share.

Resignation is both a gesture of quitting and graceful exit
I highly discourage leaders to resign from their posts unless with a very, very valid reason, like leaving the country, terminally ill or inevitably dying. I find resignation a form of losing the fight and raising the white flag - a gesture of quitting.

I remembered an adage that goes "A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins". This adage is essential for all leaders and those goal-oriented individuals to reach their goals, ambitions and whatever they planned to reach. As a person, we will always get to face challenges, all the more when we become leaders. We chose to lead people, therefore we expect challenges to come our way, and we are expected to hurdle them successfully.

Early resignation for me is both signs of failure, immaturity and weakness. Because for me, before you have decided to take the baton of leadership, you have thought about it well, measured the pros & cons and expects to be criticized or ridiculed. Leadership is not a cloak of honor, fame and power, it is a cloak of great responsibility that can affect many lives & change then for the better or the worse.

Late resignation for me may signify impatience and dying persistence. It is also a sign of losing innovations & strategies to lead. For me, leaders who have made a decision to resign after such a time may have endured great amount of pain or suffering and succumbed to the pressure outside. It may also mean that the person has given up on the goal and decided not to pursue it.

However, there are a couple of exemptions I'd like to cite. I may also see resignation as a sign of maintaining integrity and or giving a dignified exit. So how does this happen?

Like for example, if you are an employee/manager of a company that you think are in conflict with your personal convictions and beliefs, you may resign from your post to save your beliefs and be not corrupted by the rotten system. 

It may also be in a circumstance where the institution you work with becomes compromised with its integrity. To maintain your own integrity & clean reputation, you resign. Or if the appointing body which have installed you to power lost confidence in your capabilities to lead, a resignation may be a better way to save your face.

Leaders arise from situations
Just like our favorite superheroes, leaders arise from the ranks when the situation deemed necessary. One type of leader is the one that was given the authority to lead because of the position he or she possesses. But another leader is the one who naturally possesses the ability to influence and mobilize people but may or may not have known it.

In a stressful situation where people are chaotic and no one wants to step up, this kind of leader starts to ask "why aren't we doing something about this?" to his/her fellows. This act or gesture is a call to leadership. But only until this person steps up and starts asking people how to fix a certain situation can we say he/she is a person who have natural talent of leadership.

Stressful situations are a call for a test of character
Each person responds differently to stressful situations. And that leaders can also consider this as their litmus test in handling people, especially the difficult ones. As I find it natural for a leader to break down during a stressful situation especially if he/she doesn't have a good support system, I also do expect that good leaders know how to rise from that downfall and work to make him/herself better.

For me what matters is that each moment a leader decides to rise and deal with the problem than succumb to the situation. 

Great leaders affect lives in a positive way
During that experiment, I saw how the people responded and I am honored to know that I have touched their lives in one way or the other. Some officers even said that they will resign if I resign. This is a show of force and support to you and they assure you that they are following you where ever you are. 

I believe that you are a great leader once you affect positive change towards the people you lead. Affecting positive change does not mean dependency though, it means that you have made these people realize what their worth is in the society and you have made them live that worthiness. 

Great leaders produce greater leaders. I believe that the proof that you are a great leader is when the people you once led and trained became better than you are. Similarly, you are a great teacher, when your student becomes greater than you are. Sadly, I can see many leaders and teachers who felt threatened when their juniors, followers, students and subordinates start to achieve more than what they had. This brings insecurity to them and therefore tend to become sour in their relationships with them.

And so I ended my little social experiment by release an official statement regarding my resignation at AYNLA. Here it is.  
[Official Statement Re: My Resignation in AYNLA]

Oh, I know everyone was stirred when I proclaimed that I will be resigning from AYNLA. Some were baffled, shocked, bidding farewell, confused, skeptic and some emotional about it. Some said they will be resigning together with me, and some even tried to help out the best way possible.

On the other hand, some I guess liked what I said. Some haters were, uhm rejoicing over this and said "at last". It is also very notable that many of our regional leaders in AYNLA were alarmed even to the point where some members of our Board wanted to convene immediately following my statements. 

It was more of like an assurance that I have touched their lives in one way or the other as they give their words of encouragement and support. I am also moved by how many people responded both to my Facebook & Twitter pages, and also through texting, calling and other means of communication. I never thought that a simple statement I made will create a huge impact to different people - individuals & groups alike. 

And yes, I felt all of your cares and support and truly I am grateful. That despite the hardships I am going through for the past two and a half years, I know some people are there that will never leave me behind. 

It also served as a wake-up call to some of our officers too, which incidentally happened without any intention. Sometimes, we appreciated something when it is not there anymore. I also learned that true leaders rise from an occasion where they are truly needed, and that I saw in some of our leaders who made critical moves after reading my statement.

And lastly the greatest reason why this statement is released is because it's

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! I love you all. ^_^ hehehe...

And yes, the resignation is not true. How could I? I live and breathe AYNLA. This is my legacy and I am not willing to give it up in any time, not ever.

And I quote Joey Dela Cruz of AYHA "the Paramount Leader resigns? Impossible." Live well everyone!

Love lots,

And yes I received a lot of nasty responses because I have been a naughty boy trying to make them believe about my alleged quitting...hahaha!

This is by far my most enjoyable April Fool's Day! I hope you had fun too.

A (^_^)


  1. its not really funny. i think you just want to know how important are you. narcissistic gesture such as that should not be posted. if i was part of your fb and shows your post, i would say kudos and have fun in your next venture. goodbye and be sure to give your nice speech!

  2. you know what if you're envy (Anonymous), show it to a much wider audience speak up and introduce yourself. Bitter bastard! He's a great guy with good guts to fight for someone's right! show some respect!

  3. Yeah..I also think it is a desperately narcissistic move. You just want to assess your ego and if your foot is still off the ground. You just proved that you are just like any other "so called leaders" who leads to fulfill their conceitedness, superiority complex and self-adulation. Just like your nominations to several "whatsoever" awarding that surely you've just nominated yourself! I'm saying this because I see you as growing monster already. Assess your values and everything will start there. Btw, what have you proven to your crank joke aside from proving your narcissism?

  4. I would allow dissenting opinions and even comments which are against me, my beliefs or those who do not want the way I live my life in my blog. That is your right to speak and be heard. ?

    But do remember that you are still in my blog and that I would at least enjoy your negative comments with decency and without profanity. So thank you for that.

    We could all agree to disagree.