Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New ICN publications address nurse unemployment; reforming PHC; managing the complaints process; and nurses as entrepreneurs

GenevaSwitzerland, 4 April 2012 - The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is delighted to announce the availability of four new publications, highlighting critical issues impacting health and nursing today: the unemployment and underemployment of nurses; the critical issue of processing complaints about unacceptable nursing practice; the nursing perspective on reforming primary health care; and nurses’ entrepreneurship.

Unemployed and Underemployed Nurses
The pervasiveness and persistence of health worker shortages remains the subject of worldwide concern, with just 40% of countries meeting the minimum standard of 2.5 health workers per 1,000 population. At the same time, unemployment and underemployment of nurses is a critical factor in the worldwide nursing shortage, representing a waste of resources that could contribute to health improvements.

This policy paper fills the gap in understanding the unemployment and underemployment of nurses, providing background on the issue, data on the extent of the problem and an assessment of the causes of unemployment and underemployment, including examples from around the world.

Unemployed and Underemployed Nurses is available online

Toolkit on Complaints Management
A key responsibility in nursing regulation is to deal with incidences and complaints about unacceptable practice.  It is vital that the profession clearly articulate to the public that it will take action when a nurse’s practice puts the public at risk.  The process of investigating the validity of complaints in a systematic and just manner, taking any appropriate action and, if deemed necessary, imposing sanctions or discipline, is fundamental in protecting the public and colleagues from practice that falls below standards.

The Toolkit on Complaints Management and the accompanying powerpoint slides describes the policy framework, relevant concepts, key stakeholders and the processes fundamental to a complaints management process. 

The Toolkit on Complaints Management will soon be available on the ICN eshop:

Reforming Primary Health Care (PHC): A Nursing Perspective
This report focuses on:
·         Describing the role of the nursing workforce in the developing and implementing primary health care reform at global, national and local levels.
  • Reviewing the evidence base and identifying key factors in the practice environment which act to inhibit or facilitate the development of PHC reform.
  • Developing an evidence-based policy brief which articulates the important contribution that nurses can make in future health sector reform, focused on primary health care enhancement and the delivery of health equity goals.

Reforming Primary Health Care: A Nursing Perspective is available on line

Handbook on Entrepreneurial Practice
This handbook describes the characteristics and qualities primarily of nurses who discover and apply innovative mechanisms to deliver services to patients or clients, whether the nurse is self-employed or employed by a health service.  The focus is primarily on discovering what it takes to become a successful nurse entrepreneur or intrapreneur. 

Handbook on Entrepreneurial Practice will soon be available on the ICN eshop:

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