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Online abstract submission now open for the 2013 ICN Congress

GenevaSwitzerland, 16 April 2012 - The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is pleased to announce the opening of online abstract submission for its 25th Quadrennial Congress and CNR in MelbourneAustraliaEquity and access to health care is the theme of the conference, which will take place from 18-23 May 2013. Instructions for the submission of abstracts and details on the themes to be addressed can be accessed atwww.icn2013.chICN invites nurses and others around the world to share their ideas, research and expertise by submitting abstracts for the scientific programme. The deadline for abstract submission is
14 September 2012.

ICN is in the final stages of developing a rich four-day scientific programme, offering four plenary sessions, including a debate, and 18 main sessions with 54 international speakers confirmed to date. Key subjects for plenary and main sessions include gender equity, the epidemic of non-communicable diseases, the tension between personal and societal responsibility for health, wellness and prevention, the nursing workforce, ethics/human rights, clinical care and patient safety. The Council of National Representatives, ICN’s global governing body, will also convene in Melbourne just prior to the Congress, from 16-19 May 2013.

Key dates for the ICN 25th Quadrennial Congress and CNR

ü      16 April 2012 - Online submission of abstracts opens
ü      14 September 2012 - Online abstract submission closes (midnight CET)
ü      14 September 2012 - Registration opens
ü      1 December 2012 – Notification of abstract acceptance
ü      11 January 2013 – Registration deadline for abstract presenters
ü      14 February 2013 - Early bird registration closes (midnight CET).

To keep up with all the latest information on the Congress programme and related events, visit the Congress website at www.icn2013.chNCIL OF NURSES

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Le Me will speak at the 8th Philippine Blogging Summit like a boss!

I am grateful for the organizers of the 8th Philippine Blogging Summit for inviting me to be one of the speakers. Actually I was quite amazed that I will be speaking in a blogging summit for the first time.
I have been blogging since early last year and I found out that it is also a helpful tool in educating & informing both clients and the general public. With this I thought that blogging can be done especially on many issues and health advocacy. This event is free but will only be limited to 300 participants. So be sure to register early.
The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit will be on May 25-26, 2012 at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman, Quezon City from 8-5PM. 
So, I hope you do come and we'll see you there...trolololol...

To register please click this link:
Here is the program of the event: 
Day 1 (May 25)
8:45 Introductions of bloggers in the audience, National Anthem
9:00 – 9:20 Unboxing the true potential of your blog (Carlo Ople)
How to get direct advertisers and investors in your blog. How to turn it into a full fledged online publishing business.

9:30 – 9:50 Creating a Blog Activation Campaign (Mark Joseph Delgado)
Today, blogs and social media networks in the Philippines are not just mere online marketing tools – they already evolved towards becoming effective platforms or springboards in creating activation campaigns for brands. Brand Activation, in the point of view of marketing practitioners, is simply about bringing brands to come to life. Today, blogs (like brands) can come to life too – in both online and offline world. This is achieved through contests, events, promos and other experiential marketing activities.
10:00 – 10:15 BREAK
10:15 – 11:00 SEO and Social Media Marketing Panel
  • On Site Optimization 101 (Sean Patrick Si)
  • Inbound Marketing – Merging SEO, Social, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization and Online Branding (Jason Acidre)
  • Utilizing Blog Networks for SEO and Social Media Traffic (Kim Tyrone Agapito)
11:20 Keynote Talk: UNILAB
1:00 – 1:20 Blogging, social media and journalism: The use, misuse and abuse of freedom of expression (Danilo Arao)
- Responsibility vs anarchy: Is there such a thing as “borderless” freedom?
- Limited freedom amid absolute control of social media and blogging accounts.
- Dos, don’ts and maybes in blogging and social media.
- Yes-yes and no-nos in blogging and online journalism.

1:30 – 1:50 Social Media and Social Change (Tonyo Cruz)
Social media, especially blogging, play a role in propelling advocacies and causes, whether by individuals or organizations. What the trends and tools in the arsenal of social media that have been and could be used for social change. The age of social also brings about new causes — like #betterinternet, bridging the worsening digital divide and making governments and business more accountable to the public.
2:00 – 2:20 Unwritten Blogging Etiquettes (Gellie Anne Abogado)
Unlike journalism, blogging doesn’t have its own specific code of ethics that is why there would be times when some companies think that bloggers have been becoming abusive of their title as a blogger. Internet is a free space and owning a blog is as simple as 1,2,3. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the fancy buttons and banners in your blog because once you post a controversial write-up, it will definitely create a stir. Will discuss the importance of researching a topic first before blogging about it, thinking twice before posting that blog post, attending events and why we should blog about it, and what is expected from bloggers.
2:30 – 3:00 Youth and Blogging: The Next Generation Bloggers Are Here (Lloyd Salac)
Fresh perspectives about the youth and their impact on the blogging community and social media. What’s next for the blogging community and social media with youth bloggers.
3:00 – 3:15 BREAK
3:15 – 3:35 Grow Your Blog, Keep Your Voice: Maintain Quality While Expanding Your Blog’s Reach and Brand (Martine de Luna)
Many people begin blogs as an outlet, not chiefly as an income generator. With review blogs, niche blogs and monetized blogs sprouting up like mushrooms, how can YOUR blog stand out in the saturated blog-world. Though ONE key ingredient: quality. Quality writing, quality voice, quality that is YOUR brand, online. Maintaining your unique voice online can be used to build an expansive online space that is uniquely YOU. Talk will look at: How to make quality, intentional, meaningful blog-writing that helps amplify your brand. How to develop and transition content from a blog to other potential platforms that can help expand your brand.
3:45 – 4:05 Bloggers the new PR community (Boris Joaquin)
Marketers and PR peeps nowadays spend a lot of time, money, energy and creativity to actually put together a plausible and meaningful PR campaign to track bloggers top post and promote. Bloggers did not fall off a turnip truck. If they don’t see the value in the pitch, they won’t post. If they fancy that you’re just asking them to post because you want to vampire bat on their Google juice, then you’re likely to be in a whole lot of #fail and possibly a whole lot of pain. The white-hat link-farm organic SEO pwn effect is only secondary if you are, the entire way along, a total Mensch and have amazing assets, viral-quality video, a great pitch, an accurate target, and a gentle, kind and generous follow-through.
4:15 – 4:35 Financial Planning for Bloggers (Garry Zaldy De Castro)
Each blogger should be equipped with financial education as early as possible. Bloggers can also help spread financial literacy even more.
Raffle of sponsor items, iBlog8 shirts, and group photo shot.
Day 2 (May 26)
8:45 Introductions of bloggers in the audience, National Anthem
9:00 – 9:20 The Soul of Blogging (Rem Tanauan)
We have been learning about blogging from only one side of the coin: blogging as a marketing and money-making tool to grow one’s business and organization. To balance the equation, we must also explore the other side. The Soul of Blogging focuses on how to tap this deep inspiration to write, share and blog, how to see and unfold those insights, and how to use blogging as a tool not just to connect, but also to share oneself to the other.
9:30 – 9:50 How NOT to blog (Jay Jaboneta)
“In late 2009, I started blogging using Posterous. The idea that inspired it is the quote that Steve Jobs made famous: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. I wanted it to be a blog about people and books for people who are “hungry” for these new ideas. Because of the nature of my work in the corporate world, I really didn’t have much time to think through things and blog about it. So I had an idea! I would ask other people to write for me. But I didn’t actually ask other people to write for my blog. Instead, I interview a few dozen people about what makes them tick and what made them successful. Unfortunately, I had to stop it for an unforeseen career change. I still get some hits from that blog. I want to share how that brief blogging experience changed my life and the life of a few other people. And how it led me to my current path.”
10:00 – 10:15 BREAK
10:15 – 11:00 Blog Writing Panel
11:20 Keynote Talk: McDonald’s Philippines
1:00 – 1:20 Teaching and Learning through EduBlogging (Noel Feria)
1:30 – 1:50 How to make your blog stand out from the crowd (Victorino Q. Abrugar)
Guide aspiring bloggers on ensuring that their blogs will become competitive amidst the tough competition in the blogosphere. It will have a quick yet intense discussion on building up the foundation of a blogger, which include acquiring the right personal attributes, choosing the right investments, becoming unique and influential, achieving world-class quality and excellence, leveraging SEO and social media marketing, and ensuring consistency.
2:00 – 3:00 Social Media Panel
3:15 – 3:30 BREAK
3:30 – 3:50 Leveraging Video for More Traffic and Conversions (Glen S. Dimaandal)
Covers the importance of video blogging, the opportunities that it brings to the table and how you can create simple videos and market them to your target audience.
4:00 – 4:20 Increasing Health Information Access through Blogging (Alvin Cloyd Dakis)
Health Professionals like doctors, nurses and midwives are the front liners in healthcare. They provide health services directly to their clients. But with the advent of “telemedicine” wherein health & medical services can now be accessed online, how are health professionals gearing themselves to include blogging as their means of educating their clients? How is blogging an essential tool in providing accurate and sound health information of health providers to the general public? How can health professionals maintain patient confidentiality & professional ethics especially when they blog about their experiences or even use social media as their tool? How can blogging help in advancing the issues faced by health professionals?
Raffle of sponsor items, iBlog8 shirts, and group photo shot.
DAY 1 & 2 EMCEES / Co-Host are: Flow Galindez and Rod Magaru.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New ICN publications address nurse unemployment; reforming PHC; managing the complaints process; and nurses as entrepreneurs

GenevaSwitzerland, 4 April 2012 - The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is delighted to announce the availability of four new publications, highlighting critical issues impacting health and nursing today: the unemployment and underemployment of nurses; the critical issue of processing complaints about unacceptable nursing practice; the nursing perspective on reforming primary health care; and nurses’ entrepreneurship.

Unemployed and Underemployed Nurses
The pervasiveness and persistence of health worker shortages remains the subject of worldwide concern, with just 40% of countries meeting the minimum standard of 2.5 health workers per 1,000 population. At the same time, unemployment and underemployment of nurses is a critical factor in the worldwide nursing shortage, representing a waste of resources that could contribute to health improvements.

This policy paper fills the gap in understanding the unemployment and underemployment of nurses, providing background on the issue, data on the extent of the problem and an assessment of the causes of unemployment and underemployment, including examples from around the world.

Unemployed and Underemployed Nurses is available online

Toolkit on Complaints Management
A key responsibility in nursing regulation is to deal with incidences and complaints about unacceptable practice.  It is vital that the profession clearly articulate to the public that it will take action when a nurse’s practice puts the public at risk.  The process of investigating the validity of complaints in a systematic and just manner, taking any appropriate action and, if deemed necessary, imposing sanctions or discipline, is fundamental in protecting the public and colleagues from practice that falls below standards.

The Toolkit on Complaints Management and the accompanying powerpoint slides describes the policy framework, relevant concepts, key stakeholders and the processes fundamental to a complaints management process. 

The Toolkit on Complaints Management will soon be available on the ICN eshop:

Reforming Primary Health Care (PHC): A Nursing Perspective
This report focuses on:
·         Describing the role of the nursing workforce in the developing and implementing primary health care reform at global, national and local levels.
  • Reviewing the evidence base and identifying key factors in the practice environment which act to inhibit or facilitate the development of PHC reform.
  • Developing an evidence-based policy brief which articulates the important contribution that nurses can make in future health sector reform, focused on primary health care enhancement and the delivery of health equity goals.

Reforming Primary Health Care: A Nursing Perspective is available on line

Handbook on Entrepreneurial Practice
This handbook describes the characteristics and qualities primarily of nurses who discover and apply innovative mechanisms to deliver services to patients or clients, whether the nurse is self-employed or employed by a health service.  The focus is primarily on discovering what it takes to become a successful nurse entrepreneur or intrapreneur. 

Handbook on Entrepreneurial Practice will soon be available on the ICN eshop:

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

[Vital Signs Column] When women die in our hands

Vital Signs, is the FIRST newspaper for the medical community. It caters to doctors, health workers and other healthcare professionals, bringing them the latest health news, scientific updates, as well as opinions, and commentaries on current issues impacting healthcare delivery in the country. You can read Alvin Dakis' columns on nursing & social issues named Nurse's Notes in every Vital Signs newspaper published every 1st & 15th of the month. 
March 16-31, 2012 Issue

As nursing students we have been exposed to a lot of clinical areas in the hospital including one of the busiest – the delivery room. We all went to the process of having to assist a delivering mother how to do breathing and pushing, assisting the doctor during delivery and doing all the necessary interventions when the infant is out. We used to have fifteen cases to handle, assist and cord care with. We know the routine.

We also know that when we are on duty on a public hospital, most likely there are a lot of pregnant women trying to find a good corner to somehow rest in that very, much cluttered maternity ward. We also know that there will be times when we have to mount around 4-5 pregnant women at the same time to DR tables. And when that happens, we are indeed happy for we get the chance to help that mother safely deliver her infant which eventually becomes an addition to our recorded cases.

We also know that in every delivery, the pregnant woman is always at risk of complications or worst, death. We know for a fact that in a public hospital, during our eight-hour shift, we usually deliver not less than five infants. That is, I think the most conservative average in a shift. And these we know that there are still many women out there who died because of the complications from child birth.

When I became a clinical instructor in a state university, I saw more of these when I’m bringing my students to their clinical rotations in the delivery room. Fortunately, I didn’t chance of seeing or handling a dying mother nor I wouldn’t wish for it to ever happen.

Women die in our hands
Doctors, nurses and midwives alike handle women everyday. We are witnesses to their struggles and pain during childbirth. We are witnesses to the injustice made to many of them when they cannot even occupy a single bed in a ward. We are witnesses to their sufferings when they cannot pay their hospital bills or purchase the necessary materials they need, or when they argue with their husbands because they do not have any money left to feed their family of six.

Yes there will be a time when one or two of these women will die under our care. They will die inevitably not because of our incompetence but there is nothing left for them. They will die because there are few nurses, doctors and midwives serving them – still many of them are left in their homes where a medical facility is unreachable.

Many of them will die under our care, because there are no sufficient & functional equipment left in our hospital, clinic & other facilities. There are only a few health providers who may regularly visit them in remote or evacuation sites.  Many of them will die because some health providers refuse to give them the appropriate care and or referral when they needed it because these health providers would not care about their clients other than themselves.

Women die in your hands
Women die in your hands as well. Countless debates were conducted by television networks, radio shows, school programs and even in the halls of Senate and the House of Representatives – debates of whether a women’s life should be saved, given appropriate information and essential services.

Women die in the hands of legislators, who religiously attends congress sessions and listen more to “religious” men in robes than women in the communities. Women have been marching back and forth to the halls of Congress, crying their hearts out and fervently waiting to be heard. They have been patiently visiting legislators in congress sessions clad in their purple attire as a show of force in support of a legislative measure that they need, that they think can save more women’s lives. But what has these activities took them, more debates, more delays, more deaths.

As we continue to repeatedly discuss about whom to listen to in terms of giving choices in raising a family, spacing children, and controlling their lives, more women suffer than anybody else reading this column. More young people are left ignorant of how to take care of their bodies and more men think that they know better than a woman’s body.

Men in religious robes continue to rob women of their rights to be educated about their bodies and give them a chance to control their lives and how they want to plan for their families. They continue to mock them in their citadels and pulpits. They continue to speak so fluently, so scientifically and so expertly that it seemed they have the only authority over women’s and young people’s issues. They are gods.

Saving lives of women
Ten years has passed and still the cry of women in the country has been the same. They have cried hard and they have shed countless of tears and loss tremendous amount of blood in their pursuit of justice and equality. Ten years has passed but still the same nemesis persists. But now a new hope rises. The current president of the republic is supportive of the measure and made sure that this is one of his priority bills. Many of the political leaders have been educated and understood what women really wanted – to save their lives from deaths we can prevent.

The nemesis will never perish, I believe. But as long as there are women who will stand strong and fight for what they want and what they need, people will continue to believe in the cause and eventually join them.

Soon I believe that all these things we are doing will end beautifully and women will be granted their equal rights and be given priority. Women will no longer have to die in our hands. But until that victorious day arrive, we shall not falter, we shall not rest. Not until the day that every woman in this country owns her body once again and be given the choice on how to live her life, not until the day the State shall really be by the people, of the people and for the people.

International Women’s Month
March 8th is the International Women’s Month. Millions of women all over the globe celebrate many of the successes of the global women’s movement for equality and human rights. But as of the many successes in the global movement, few but remarkable ones are happening in the country.

And though I would like to believe that we are in the process of having a nation that is truly for the people and listens to their people, still some things happen in reverse. But anyway, I recently posted a Facebook status telling all women how I am in awe of them. This is my tribute to all women this International Women’s Month celebrated worldwide:

I have always idolized women when I was very young, and all the more when I grew and got to know many wonderful super women as well. I have adored how they show their strength in their most composed attitude. How they showed compassion but showed firmness at the same time. How they can make things more creative, fun and brighter. How they make you laugh and cry at the same time. 

But not all women are as empowered as the others who enjoy as much freedom as they could. Many women are still in the dark & chained by the society. Many of them have their basic rights curtailed. And many of them have their lives being dictated by men who seemed to know better than they are. Therefore I urge all women to stand in defense of their rights, lives, families and our motherland. Never let anyone curb your voices in silence and never let your defenses be weakened by making you a second-class citizen. You are the society, you are the future.

As the world commemorate your greatness this International Women's Month, may this be a reminder of how great a mother, daughter, sister, professional, worker, leader, and woman you are. Remember that all great leaders of the world you bore for nine months, deliver them safely and nurtured them. Without you, there will be no freedom, no democracy, no leaders to shape a better world.

And to all women in the world, biological or self-identified, you are the greatest creation this world will have. Where will all these beautiful men if they weren't from you? My salute and forever gratitude to all women!

In solidarity,

Alvin Dakis, RN
Young leader & visionary
Advocate of women's & young people's rights & welfare
Self-declared Honorary Woman ^_^

See, I am a self-declared Honorary Woman! I wonder if this will really happen soon, but who knows right? To all women, ladies and girls, Happy International Women’s Month!


[Vital Signs Column] Leadership, resignation and April Fool's Day

Vital Signs, is the FIRST newspaper for the medical community. It caters to doctors, health workers and other healthcare professionals, bringing them the latest health news, scientific updates, as well as opinions, and commentaries on current issues impacting healthcare delivery in the country. You can read Alvin Dakis' columns on nursing & social issues named Nurse's Notes in every Vital Signs newspaper published every 1st & 15th of the month. 
April 01-15, 2012 Issue

April Fool's Day, April 1st -- I kinda don't mind this before and is not interested in participating. But I kinda change my mind and thought of throwing some pranks to my colleagues. 

I was trying to think of a good prank message that could shake some of my friends and followers in social media,

Le me think...

Tell them something bad happened to me and is at the hospital (too morbid)...

Change the date of my birthday to April 1 so every body will greet me "Happy Birthday" (too childish)...

Tell them my boyfie and I broke up (too dramatic, but hey it worked for my boyfie's FB post!)...

So I thought, why not something connected to where most of my time is revolving now -- my organizations?!

And yes, the creative juices flowed and got to finally posted this FB & Twitter status:

Finally, I have decided, it's time to leave AYNLA. I'm sorry guys, I can't bear it anymore, I have to resign. I will go home to Cebu na lang. T.T

Seconds after that, people start to wonder and started to comment (42 comments in that single thread actually). Let me highlight some of the good responses which I loved...
Joey Dela Cruz I understand the hardships and I respect the decision. Still hats off to you, Alvin.
Douglas Habkirk sorry to hear that Alvin but i know you will land on your feet and get a great have done such great work and its time for you to do something for you for awhile.

Tina Siuagan Parang nabanggit mo na nga sakin yan Sir dati. Pero never thought na ganito kadali mangyayari ang lahat... I have great confidence in your decisions Sir. Kung san ka dun na lang siguro kami...
Ryan David Leones Di mo naman po kailangan umalis ng AYNLA sir Alvin, pwede ka pa po maging consultant, sayang naman ung efforts niyo, maraming naniniwala sa inyo at lagi niyo po tandaan "Every nurse counts."
Franz Dinar Velasco Osida I understand sir. Just want u to know sir even in such a short time you inspired a lot of us :D
Jessie Empaces Goodluck but before making a major decision give it 10 days before making a move. If gusto mo pa gawin after the waiting time of 10 days then go ahead. God bless.
Reigner Jireh Antiquera like, you decided in just a couple of hours? nah.. everything seems okay..then suddenly ganito?? baka may gusto ka lang pag-usapan.. mag-usap muna ang board about this..
Jonathan Monis What the heck is happening today? 
This  one came from our AYNLA Officials group:
Ivy Generillo Tejada ‎:-( LETS TALK PO... let me gather all the officers and Govs for online meeting po. pls. bear with us. sorry, i was nt able to do my part. il ring them po.
Rollen Guivac I can't believe it sir, you deserve all the best. :(
And of course from my fanpage: 
Robert Ian Corpuz bakit sire.. bakit ka aalis!? kahit di pa kita kilala personally, if conflict inside the organzation yan.. wag ka umalis

Jj'Rus Rabaja sorry to hear that. AYNILA needs you sir.
And yes...quite a couple of text messages here and there, FB chats, inquiries, endless whys. As much as I wanted to break out in laughter, I simply can't. I'm planning to make my first April Fool's Day participation 'sulit'. So I planned to sustain the drama until around 9:00 in the evening.

And yes...I wasn't contented in fooling our co-officers and members of AYNLA but also my co-officers in the Liberal Party which I wrote in the Kabataang Liberal FB Group:
Another political party (which was a rival) has invited me to lead their entire youth group, therefore I have to bid you farewell. And see you soon.
Speculations of why I am resigning from the organization I have founded and leaving my political organization rose quickly from the time I posted those statuses. People, especially in my organization started to talk about it and it spread like wildfire nationwide. 

Some members became emotional, others doubtful and still others deadma hahaha. But you know what, in the entire time while this foolish experiment is on-going I made some good reflections and realizations that I would like to share.

Resignation is both a gesture of quitting and graceful exit
I highly discourage leaders to resign from their posts unless with a very, very valid reason, like leaving the country, terminally ill or inevitably dying. I find resignation a form of losing the fight and raising the white flag - a gesture of quitting.

I remembered an adage that goes "A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins". This adage is essential for all leaders and those goal-oriented individuals to reach their goals, ambitions and whatever they planned to reach. As a person, we will always get to face challenges, all the more when we become leaders. We chose to lead people, therefore we expect challenges to come our way, and we are expected to hurdle them successfully.

Early resignation for me is both signs of failure, immaturity and weakness. Because for me, before you have decided to take the baton of leadership, you have thought about it well, measured the pros & cons and expects to be criticized or ridiculed. Leadership is not a cloak of honor, fame and power, it is a cloak of great responsibility that can affect many lives & change then for the better or the worse.

Late resignation for me may signify impatience and dying persistence. It is also a sign of losing innovations & strategies to lead. For me, leaders who have made a decision to resign after such a time may have endured great amount of pain or suffering and succumbed to the pressure outside. It may also mean that the person has given up on the goal and decided not to pursue it.

However, there are a couple of exemptions I'd like to cite. I may also see resignation as a sign of maintaining integrity and or giving a dignified exit. So how does this happen?

Like for example, if you are an employee/manager of a company that you think are in conflict with your personal convictions and beliefs, you may resign from your post to save your beliefs and be not corrupted by the rotten system. 

It may also be in a circumstance where the institution you work with becomes compromised with its integrity. To maintain your own integrity & clean reputation, you resign. Or if the appointing body which have installed you to power lost confidence in your capabilities to lead, a resignation may be a better way to save your face.

Leaders arise from situations
Just like our favorite superheroes, leaders arise from the ranks when the situation deemed necessary. One type of leader is the one that was given the authority to lead because of the position he or she possesses. But another leader is the one who naturally possesses the ability to influence and mobilize people but may or may not have known it.

In a stressful situation where people are chaotic and no one wants to step up, this kind of leader starts to ask "why aren't we doing something about this?" to his/her fellows. This act or gesture is a call to leadership. But only until this person steps up and starts asking people how to fix a certain situation can we say he/she is a person who have natural talent of leadership.

Stressful situations are a call for a test of character
Each person responds differently to stressful situations. And that leaders can also consider this as their litmus test in handling people, especially the difficult ones. As I find it natural for a leader to break down during a stressful situation especially if he/she doesn't have a good support system, I also do expect that good leaders know how to rise from that downfall and work to make him/herself better.

For me what matters is that each moment a leader decides to rise and deal with the problem than succumb to the situation. 

Great leaders affect lives in a positive way
During that experiment, I saw how the people responded and I am honored to know that I have touched their lives in one way or the other. Some officers even said that they will resign if I resign. This is a show of force and support to you and they assure you that they are following you where ever you are. 

I believe that you are a great leader once you affect positive change towards the people you lead. Affecting positive change does not mean dependency though, it means that you have made these people realize what their worth is in the society and you have made them live that worthiness. 

Great leaders produce greater leaders. I believe that the proof that you are a great leader is when the people you once led and trained became better than you are. Similarly, you are a great teacher, when your student becomes greater than you are. Sadly, I can see many leaders and teachers who felt threatened when their juniors, followers, students and subordinates start to achieve more than what they had. This brings insecurity to them and therefore tend to become sour in their relationships with them.

And so I ended my little social experiment by release an official statement regarding my resignation at AYNLA. Here it is.  
[Official Statement Re: My Resignation in AYNLA]

Oh, I know everyone was stirred when I proclaimed that I will be resigning from AYNLA. Some were baffled, shocked, bidding farewell, confused, skeptic and some emotional about it. Some said they will be resigning together with me, and some even tried to help out the best way possible.

On the other hand, some I guess liked what I said. Some haters were, uhm rejoicing over this and said "at last". It is also very notable that many of our regional leaders in AYNLA were alarmed even to the point where some members of our Board wanted to convene immediately following my statements. 

It was more of like an assurance that I have touched their lives in one way or the other as they give their words of encouragement and support. I am also moved by how many people responded both to my Facebook & Twitter pages, and also through texting, calling and other means of communication. I never thought that a simple statement I made will create a huge impact to different people - individuals & groups alike. 

And yes, I felt all of your cares and support and truly I am grateful. That despite the hardships I am going through for the past two and a half years, I know some people are there that will never leave me behind. 

It also served as a wake-up call to some of our officers too, which incidentally happened without any intention. Sometimes, we appreciated something when it is not there anymore. I also learned that true leaders rise from an occasion where they are truly needed, and that I saw in some of our leaders who made critical moves after reading my statement.

And lastly the greatest reason why this statement is released is because it's

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! I love you all. ^_^ hehehe...

And yes, the resignation is not true. How could I? I live and breathe AYNLA. This is my legacy and I am not willing to give it up in any time, not ever.

And I quote Joey Dela Cruz of AYHA "the Paramount Leader resigns? Impossible." Live well everyone!

Love lots,

And yes I received a lot of nasty responses because I have been a naughty boy trying to make them believe about my alleged quitting...hahaha!

This is by far my most enjoyable April Fool's Day! I hope you had fun too.

A (^_^)