Friday, March 09, 2012

My short message for the International Women's Month, May 8th 2012

I have always idolized women when I was very young, and all the more when I grew and got to know many wonderful super women as well. I have adored how they show their strength in their most composed attitude. How they showed compassion but showed firmness at the same time. How they can make things more creative, funner and brighter. How they make you laugh and cry at the same time. 

But not all women are as empowered as the others who enjoy as much freedom as they could. Many women are still in the dark & chained by the society. Many of them have their basic rights curtailed. And many of them have their lives being dictated by men who seemed to know better than they are. Therefore I urge all women to stand in defense of their rights, lives, families and our motherland. Never let anyone curb your voices in silence and never let your defenses be weakened by making you a second-class citizen. You are the society, you are the future.

As the world commemorate your greatness this International Women's Month, may this be a reminder of how great a mother, daughter, sister, professional, worker, leader, and woman you are. Remember that all great leaders of the world you bore for nine months, deliver them safely and nurtured them. Without you, there will be no freedom, no democracy, no leaders to shape a better world.

And to all women in the world, biological or self-identified, you are the greatest creation this world will have. Where will all these beautiful men if they weren't from you? My salute and forever gratitude to all women!

In solidarity,

Alvin Dakis, RN
Young leader & visionary
Advocate of women's & young people's rights & welfare
Self-declared Honorary Woman ^_^

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