Friday, November 25, 2011

Carlos Celdran To Hold “Rock Hard For RH” On Saturday

RH Advocate Carlos Celdran has released a public invitation today for “Rock Hard for RH”, to be held on Saturday at the Occupy for RH camp at SB Park across the South Wing Gate of Congress, as a reaction to the recent anti-RH delay tactics by Representatives Raul Daza, Pablo P. Garcia, Sergio Apostol and Amado Bagatsing.

“It is long past time that we called these people out on the harm they are doing to the Filipino family,” said Celdran, calling their tactics “underhanded, shameless and beyond reproach.”

Rep. Daza last Tuesday spent an hour discussing boxing rules in his privilege speech, and Cong. Bagatsing interpellated.

“Come to the Occupy for RH camp for a weekend of RH games, trivia, music and demanding more from our government. It’ll be a night of fun games, intelligent discussions and a webshow,” added Celdran. He also invited pro-RH advocates to visit the Occupy for RH camp themselves.

Occupy for RH is a campaign of the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network and other RH advocates to camp out at SB Park and hold daily demonstrations at the South Wing Gate of Congress calling on legislators to vote on the RH Bill within the year.

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