Monday, August 08, 2011

PNAC Cautions on Unlawful HIV & AIDS Information

The Philippine response to HIV and AIDS is a dynamic collaboration between the Government, private sector, civil society, and communities of people living with and affected by HIV. The Philippine National AIDS Council oversees the integrated and comprehensive AIDS prevention and control program, in particular, the implementation of Republic Act 8504 (Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998). On behalf of the PNAC chair and health secretary Enrique T. Ona, the Secretariat acknowledges the untiring, invaluable efforts of multi-sector partners in contributing towards halting the spread of HIV in the country. 

Beginning late July 2011, PNAC Secretariat received complaints on Internet-based communications activities contrary to policies and provisions of R.A. 8504. The Secretariat confirms that individuals or groups behind these activities blatantly disregarded rights to privacy of persons perceived, suspected or living with HIV. This advisory primarily cautions online audiences on sources that propagate false, misleading claims, misinform deliberately or otherwise, espouse violation of privacy rights, breach medical confidentiality, and misrepresent legitimate organizations and lawful activities and practices. 

PNAC Secretariat rallies all national response partners to remain vigilant in monitoring and detecting similar occurrences. It assures affected parties of the recent incidents that the Council and the Department of Health are now working on ways to resolve the situation and mitigate similar future incidents. The Council also recognizes independence of affected parties in seeking other appropriate, lawful redress of the situation.

Content producers who made publications that violated provisions of R.A. 8504 are asked to voluntarily withdraw all offending information immediately. To prevent future unlawful provision of HIV and AIDS information or services, the PNAC Secretariat also strongly recommends review of R.A. 8504, specially its standards on information and education. Content producers, including those who intend to republish or utilize official data may seek further assistance from the following offices:

National AIDS/STI Prevention and Control Program
DOH National Center for Disease Prevention and Control
Phone Nos. +632 651.7800 x. 1725, 495.0149
E-mail Addresses:,

National HIV/AIDS and STI Strategic Information and Surveillance Unit
DOH National Epidemiology Center
Phone Nos. +632 651.7800 x. 2926 or 2952, 495.0513, 743.6076
E-maill Address: 

The Secretariat
Philippine National AIDS Council
Phone Nos. +632 651.7800 x. 2550 or 2551, 741.0512
E-mail Addresses:,  

R.A. 8504, implementing rules and regulations, basic HIV and AIDS information, epidemiological data, and program reports are all available at the PNAC website:

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