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Celebrating 25 Years of Victoria Court

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Celebrating 25 years of Victoria Court
Words By: Tanya Lim
Photos By: Eman Tario of RARE Graphics

Feel the Distinction. Victoria Court’s Mantra is to be exceptional and unique in terms of thematic suite designs, first class F&B Menu and to serve with quality distinction. No two rooms are alike in any property. Each suite is an improvement of the last where they transport their guests from fantasy to reality. Every detail is authentic; every piece of furniture is a part of a masterpiece. Their dynamic F&B team that recently won the GOLD of the Chef’s on Parade created their Menu. Their employees believe in the continuous improvement of themselves thus providing the best service possible for each guest that passes thru their gates. At Victoria Court, the Customer is always King.

The culminating event of 25 years of hard work was presented during the Victoria Court Silver Anniversary last July 29, 2011 at Club Manor in Eastwood City. The event represented their past, present and future. This includes a showcase of their advocacy and support for HIV/AIDS Awareness and the campaign to decrease the alarming number of people living with HIV. Just last June, the Philippines hit the 7000 mark on the number of people affected by HIV. The first floor of Club Manor was dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness where huge screens played a video of advocates and HIV victims standing up for what they believe in or sharing their experiences about living with HIV or caring for someone infected. Famous people in the video were Rep. Risa Hontiveros, The Boys Night Out of 89.9 namely Sam YG, Tony Toni and Slick Rick, Film Director Treb Montreras, Fashion Designer Twinkle Ferraren and known advocate & writer Ana Santos. It was the result of strong voices backing up one cause. Strong voices with one message: Be aware. Get tested.

Victoria Court’s 25 years was unveiled at the main area on the 2nd floor. Soul Airplay/n and DRP with MC Dash opened the show. Managing Director Atticus King welcomed the guests after a hilarious introduction from the Boys Nights Out. After his short speech, the HIV/AIDS awareness video was presented followed by Victoria Court’s New Room Designs Video.

Victoria Court’s vibrant Interior Design Team brought the Victoria Court Experience into Club Manor. Behind the black curtains lay their top thematic rooms complete with backdrop, furniture and accessories. All the rooms were covered, mysteriously hiding Manila’s top 18 models and their designers. As Fashion Director Raymond Villanueva dims the lights, the unveiling begins. Barbara Gonzalez with her beautiful artistic jewelry designs opened the Fashion show. She draped and adorned her models (all in Black by Lizanne Cua) with her hand made jewelry to the dramatic notes of La Vien Rose. It was a promise of a spectacular show to come. 

Each designer represents Victoria Court’s top room designers where they get inspiration from for each of their designs. Barbara Gonzalez designs for the Venice Suite. Jona Ballaran, with her goddess like pure white designs revealed The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The most famous party suite of Victoria Court, The Austin Powers Party Suite was the perfect match for Lizanne Cua’s fun, hip and young designs. Tina Daniac’s sexy, powerful and independent creations complimented the Iron Man Suite and its super hero theme. The jaw dropping number of the Polecats highlighted Twinkle Ferraren’s artistic nature and the Moulin Rouge Suite’s intensity. For the finale, Dita Sandico Ong closes the show with her sexy wraps and James Bond’s Headquarters as her backdrop. Fun. Fierce. Independent.

These 6 independent female designers, all strong, unique and beautiful, are standing up for HIV/AIDS awareness. They believe that women have the right to choose and they choose Victoria Court.

So many celebrities and media friends graced the show. Present were Ms. Jacky Aquino from NBN 4, Ira Cruz, Glaiza De Castro and Cliff Cole just to name a few. FHM’S Chad Rosario with a bevy of FHM models arrived to give their support too.

Sam YG, Tony Toni and Slick Rick closed the evening with fun games and POI dancing from one of the sponsors of the event, Bliss.

From July 25 to December 25, 2011, Victoria Court is giving free suites to the lucky 25th guest every 25th of the month in all their branches. They are also giving free gifts for ALL their guests every 25th day of the month. This is to thank all their loyal guests who helped them reach 25 years and will be with them for the next.

To sum it up, it was an evening of everything new and exciting. Victoria Court unveiled their new direction, their new room designs, new party suites and an overall new experience – to make your fantasy into reality. For parties and romantic moments with distinction, visit Victoria Court.

Exceptional and Unique… Feel the Distinction… only at Victoria Court.

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