Monday, July 18, 2011

Victoria Court's 25th Anniversary Launches Stop HIV Campaign

Knowing more about HIV & AIDS prevention during a cool Victoria Court event, how's that for fun? Victoria Court will have their 25th Anniversary this coming July 29, 2011 at Club Manor, Eastwood and they will be launching a new advocacy video for HIV awareness that featured several celebrities like the guys of Boys Night Out, known young fashion designers, from the media and from the HIV advocacy.

I am also honored to be part of the video and was able to give my message to everyone on HIV awareness & prevention. I wouldn't be disclosing what I said in the video (this time I don't want to be a spoiler) but I am quite certain that this video will be available in Youtube and in all Victoria Court's branches soon after they have launched it this 29th.

Also they have invited me, and my colleagues from AYNLA & my friends to join the anniversary celebration too! Isn't that great? And take note, this event is a RSVP event, so guys if you want to join me in this event you may post your name in the comment box so I can include your name. I only have till Wednesday, July 20 to finalize my list. ^_^

Kuya A