Friday, July 08, 2011

Speaking up for the Pill: Mulat Pinoy and Sex and Sensibilities Statement on Oral Contraceptive Pills

Speaking up for the Pill: 
Mulat Pinoy and Sex and Sensibilities Statement on Oral Contraceptive Pills

July 7, 2011
How do you feel about oral contraceptives? An online petition is asking for testimonies from women who have used or are currently using the combined oral contraceptive pill, more commonly known as the Pill. “We want to hear from real people, telling us how they feel about taking the Pill,” says Regina Layug-Rosero of the group Mulat Pinoy, co-sponsor of the petition with advocacy blog Sex and Sensibilities. They hope to spread awareness that:
  • ·         The Pill does not cause cancer.
  • ·         The Pill does not cause abortion.
  • ·         Many women take the Pill for medical reasons other than contraception, as prescribed by their doctor.
  • ·         Many women have used the Pill for years with no side effects or adverse reactions.
If you use the Pill or know women who have used to Pill, and want to add your testimony to those of other women around the world, sign the petition here. (

Mulat Pinoy ( is a project of the Probe Media Foundation, supported by the Philippine Center for Population and Development. Its aim is to increases awareness among the youth about population and development, specifically, population momentum: how the actions and decisions of young people today will affect national development in the years to come.

Sex and Sensibilities ( is a balance of sex and responsible choice. It is a site that hopes to be a trusted haven to get practical information about sex; a private place where questions about sexuality will be answered with compassion and intelligence, and always with honesty and respect for choice. 

Contact Person: Regina Layug-Rosero
Project Coordinator, Mulat Pinoy

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