Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Philippine Atheists & Agnostics Society Statement of Support to RH Bill


In the wake of the ongoing legislation of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill -- also known as Responsible Parenthood Bill -- the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society (PATAS) wishes to emphasize its unequivocal support for its eventual passage.

In conjunction with this, PATAS denounces the Roman Catholic Church's (RCC) incursions and intrusions on women's reproductive health and destinies that enable them to plan their families and lead productive lives. Likewise, PATAS denounces all of the RCC's conspirators and its political lackeys in the government -- for the obfuscation of the rationale and the necessary purposes of the bill -- in their vain attempt to mislead, divide and rule our people. 

We firmly believe our people are best served by governmental policies and regulations that support family planning and a woman's right to choose. PATAS believes that realistic accurate sexual education and accessible family planning facilities, agencies and services help reduce unintended pregnancies. This is specially considering the continued geometric rise in our population and the inaccessibility of affordable food supply to the multi-millions of our suffering people.

Although unwavering in its commitment campaigning for freedom from religion and basically roots the Philippines' cultural, social, political and economic problems to religion, PATAS would also like to make it perfectly clear we recognize and do not oppose the people's freedom of, and right to -- religion.

(sgd.) Mr. Ilving Tabios-Zamora
Board of Director, PATAS

(sgd.) Ms. Marissa Torres-Langseth, RN, MSN, ANP
Founding Chairwoman, PATAS

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