Monday, July 18, 2011 Names Best Filipino Nurses wrote a blog about some of the renowned nurses of today. 

Filipino nurses are without doubt well-loved by patients because of their innate caring and loving attitude. That's why a lot of Filipino nurses from all over the world excel in their chosen field due to the passion they have in caring for the sick. Here's a list of some of the outstanding nurses who have been recently recognized for their remarkable performance in their field:

1. Angelica Liga- The Hands and Heart Awardee2011
One of the successful nurses who has been recognized in the 2011 Distinction Awards held last May, is Ms. Angelica Ligas. She bagged The Hands and Heart Award due to the passion and dedication to her chosen career exemplified by the loving and caring service she renders to her patients.
2. Alvin Dakis- Philippine 21 Young Leaders Initiative 2011
The Philippines 21 Young Leaders Initiative will give recognition to dynamic individuals who have been at the forefront in their respective fields. There will be 21 young leaders who will be inspiring the youth and will be dedicated to public service. One of the outstanding leaders representing the health sector is Mr. Alvin Cloyd Dakis.
He will be representing the Philippines in the annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, which will be held in New Delhi, India sometime in November.
Alvin Cloyd Dakis is the founding chairman and President of Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA) He has been actively involved in different advocacies such as Deaf Rights Advocacy, Youth Development, Adolescent Sexuality, HIV&AIDS and Reproductive Health.
Born leader, even during his younger years as a student, he showed his leadership stints in his university. He was the Vice President for External Affairs of the Student's Body and the Senior Lay-Out Editor of the University's Newspaper. He was also elected as the President of the Philippine Student Nurses' Association of Cebu.

3. Dory Maganito- Nurse and Poet
Nurses can excel not just in the healthcare sector but also in different fields such as in creative writing. Another Filipino nurse, Dory Maganito won two major awards in the 22nd World Congress of Poets in Greece in July 2011. She bagged 1st place in the Free Verse category and 2nd place in the Open Form category.
She was born in the Philippines and a graduate of St Paul's College, Manila. She currently works at Washington Hospital in California.

4. Junjun Medran- Nurse of the Year 2011, UK
Junjun Medran, a Filipino nusre in the UK recently bagged the phenomenal Nurse of the Year 2011 award in UK. He has been described as ‘Kind, approachable, and always ready to listen to problems and makes an effort to solve them.”

5. Ever Gammed-Lalin- Woman OFW Achiever 2011
Who can ever forget the first and only Filipina nurse who passed the Japanese Licensure Examination in March 2010! Her great attitude, hard work, dedication, and passion has made many people look up to her. Even the wife of the Japan Emperor sought her out after learning about her great achievement. She also earned the Woman OFW Achiever in 2011 award given by the Department of Labor (DoLE).

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