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Kalingang Bayan: The AYNLA National Nursing Mission Official Entry to TAYO Year 9

AYNLA Official Entry to TAYO 9
Ten Accomplished Youth Organization Year 9
Kalingang Bayan: The AYNLA National Nursing Missions

Name of Org: Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA)

Project Entry: Kalingang Bayan: The AYNLA National Nursing Missions

Project Site: Manila, Pasay, Taguig, Las Pinas, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Negros Oriental, Iloilo

Project Entry Description

The "Kalingang Bayan" (KB) Program is a national community health development program of AYNLA Philippines where all 34 Local Chapters of the organization will have to choose a community and work on delivering different healthcare services to the locality. However, the manner of implementation varies depending on the needs derived from the initial assessment. The program is generally divided into general service divisions:

A. Health Education, Information & Promotion
This comprises half of the services rendered to the chosen communities. Nursing Missions differ from Medical/Dental Missions because the project is largely driven by it's education & health promotion component solidifying one of the main roles of the nurses in the community as promoters & educators of health and empowers people to be the managers of their own health. Health education varies per area & locality depending on the result of their needs assessment as some area would need to focus more on certain health issues such as diabetes or tuberculosis prevention & management.

B. Health Services & Consultation
Our professional nurses conduct health services through primary healthcare: routine check-ups, blood sugar monitoring, diabetes screening etc. Every KB Program of AYNLA is done also with partners from other private sector groups and civil society organizations to provide a wider range of services. Like in Las Pinas, AYNLA partnered with the Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines to provide free diabetes screening & blood sugar monitoring to poor families; in Pampanga, AYNLA partnered with Eaglecom-a group of military doctors & volunteers-who helped in providing medical-dental services to serve the local Aetas; in Taguig, AYNLA partnered with Rotary Club to increase the number of medicines to be dispensed; and in Iloilo, AYNLA partnered with the local government to provide for medicines and venue for the KB event. In all KB events, AYNLA nurses do nursing consultations & help correct misinformation, and dispel unfounded beliefs & practices.

C. Health Training to Community Health Workers & Volunteers
The third component of the KB Program is the informal training or passing of health education & basic skills to community health workers & volunteers where nurses teach them how continue monitoring for the health of the people in the community after the KB event. However, in all KB Programs, AYNLA and its local government (usually the barangay) partners and have AYNLA adopt the community to continue monitoring the people's health in a routinely basis.  

Give Brief Background of Project Entry

The KB Program of AYNLA International started in December 2010 with the aim of reinforcing health education of the people in the community. The first project was held in San Andres Bukid, Manila in partnership with their Barangay officials. It was then called "Nursing Missions" as nurses were the ones who started this kind of community activities. It then became "Kalingang Bayan" when the program started to be implemented by other Local Chapters in the country. The KB Program saw the very poor ratio of nurse to patients in the community setting with 1 nurse is to 50,000 residents (1:50,000) per locality. With this at hand, we do not expect for quality health services being rendered and there will be many people who are far from the health centers left out & unable to reach for services.

Kalingang Bayan serves to be an extension of nursing health services to underserved communities. KB ensures that the people's health information will be updated and that primary health services can be at least be provided such as health monitoring. Morever, KB events are always not alone in doing its services in the community. KB ensures that there will be participation of as many stakeholders to develop the community for KB believes "Health is everyone's concern therefore everyone should work to attain optimum well-being".

In 2011, Kalingang Bayan of AYNLA partnered with the Department of Health and Probe Media Foundation in a national project called the "Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan". This is a mobile health promotion bus that travels 10 localities in the country rendering different health & social services. In this project, Kalingang Bayan was able to extend its services in a much diverse locality. AYNLA-KB Nurses became a very important & indispensable partner of the project since they do all health education, information, service delivery & training of health workers. 

Profile of Organization

The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA) is a non-stock, non-profit, professional organization of nurse advocates working on helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals, access to universal healthcare, promotion of primary healthcare and protecting nurses’ & health professionals' rights & welfare.

AYNLA was founded in 2009 and was officially registered in 2010 under the Securities & Exchange Commission with registration number CN201009281 and Tax Identification Number 007-794-285. AYNLA is also a registered young professional organization of the National Youth Commission and also with the World Health Organization Global Health Workforce Alliance working on different workforce issues in the country.

AYNLA is present in NCR (which was strategically divided into 6 Zonal Councils) and in 10 Regions with 34 Local Chapters. AYNLA also have international members in USA, England and the Middle East. AYNLA played a critical role during the Senate & House Committee hearings on the alleged exploitation of nurses through "volunteer/training" programs in January 2011 as one of the organizations that stood for the young nurses at that time and collated all the necessary data to file in congress. AYNLA also worked with DOH and other nursing organizations as member of the Ad Hoc Committee to do fact finding on the alleged exploitative practices done to nurses. 


The primary beneficiaries of the KB Program are:

A. Community
The main beneficiary of the KB Program is the people that it serves. The people in the community especially the underserved and the unserved areas are the most prone to diseases which are highly preventable and manageable only if they have access to health education and information by licensed and trained health professionals. Teaching and training them how to use basic monitoring such as blood pressure monitoring and its normal values can make them aware of any abnormalities & help seek medical help the soonest possible time. The KB Program aims to generate more funds to buy for BP apparatuses, stethoscopes and other basic monitoring tools and train families in the communities on how to use them then leave the apparatuses at their keeping. This way they can manage their own health monitoring.

B. Community Health Workers & Volunteers
The KB Program is responsive to the needs of the community and also to the learning needs of the people who also volunteers to deliver the most basic health information & skills like the Community Health Worker. Knowing the current ratio of nurses to patients of 1:50, the KB Program helps the local Barangay Health Center and its doctors and nurses and helps to augment health information, education and training to their health workers. Health workers are taught blood sugar monitoring, primary diabetes screening, and basic management of wounds and diseases. This in turn develops the confidence of community health workers & volunteers to render basic health information & services when no professional health provider is around.

Implementation & Future Plans

The Kalingang Bayan is a continuing program of AYNLA on community health development. The initial KB event is to introduce AYNLA and the program to the community and afterwards continue the program after the continuing dialogue with the community leaders and its people and what services to continue or add.

AYNLA sees Kalingang Bayan plans to increase the services offered to the communities and invest on basic health monitoring apparatuses to be taught to adults in communities who may be informally trained to monitor health of the people in the community. These apparatuses will later be left to the keeping of the community and the families. AYNLA will conduct regular house visits and community fora to reinforce and update information on health and practices.

AYNLA also plans to expand the KB Program to more underserved and unserved areas in other provinces through its Local Chapters. The Local Chapters will ensure that the communities where its services are given grow to be properly informed on their own health of which the people can now make informed choices and manage their own health.

AYNLA plans to expand the operations of the KB Program by inviting other partners from the public and private sectors, civil society organizations and other groups to make the program more sustainable.


KB Program usually uses health information materials produced by nurses themselves through their own materials. Charts, flash cards and other materials are being collated and made by nurses themselves. Local Chapters raise funds to implement the KB event in their communities in different ways.

Each team is given the autonomy on how to raise funds to sustain their KB events and projects. This spurred the ingenuity of AYNLA nurses and created different means to raise funds such as in Negros Oriental-the team made key chains & souvenir materials of AYNLA and sold it while Iloilo team made "Spread for a Cause" and sell homemade peanut butter to raise funds to sustain KB events.

When AYNLA partnered with Probe Media Foundation and the Department of Health, the Kalingang Bayan program merged with the now called "Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan", a mobile health promotion project which tours 10 identified poor communities. In this collaboration, AYNLA shared its professional skills in health teaching and monitoring along with the training of community health workers. This time, other sponsors of LBK now provided the materials for health education and AYNLA KB nurses were able to be provided of snacks which before they themselves try to produce. The LBK and KB's partnership also enabled our nurses to engage in other activities such as story telling and playing games with kids in the community.

Kalingang Bayan Program TAYO9 Project Entry

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