Monday, July 18, 2011

Filipina Nurse Honored Exemplary Nurse in US

By: Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN

Palm Beach, Florida - A Filipina nurse was honored as one of the most exemplary & compassionate nurses in Florida during the 2011 Distinction Awards last May topping other 12,000 distinguished nominations.

Angelica Ligas was honored The Hands & Heart Award in grateful recognition of her compassionate and caring service as a professional nurse to her clients by the Palm Healthcare Foundation at their Ninth Annual Nursing Celebration Dinner at Palm Beach County. Over 500 attendees gathered to pay tribute to all nurse honorees in the event. Ligas is the only Filipino nurse honored this year.

Ligas is a nurse at Good Samaritan Medical Center at West Palm Beach. She was married to Daniel Ligas and served as full-time nurse in US. During her younger years, she sold fruits, retail clothes and a variety of things to help her family and her schooling. She was also a part-time working student during her college years. 

Alam mo naman, Filipinos are very compassionate. Very caring tayo, kaya ramdam ’yon ng mga naging pasyente ko. I’m really proud na Pinoy ako at ganu’n ang ugali natin.” she proudly said. (Filipinos are very compassionate and caring that is why I feel for my patients. I'm really proud that I am a Filipino and that we possess that kind of attitude.)

Ligas continues her nursing work at Good Samaritan Medical Center and serves as an inspiration to her patients and to many other nurses that indeed caring should be the epicenter of every nurses' work. 

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