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“E=MC2: Engaging in Maternal & Child Health to Achieve MDGs 4 & 5” The AYNLA 2nd Millennium Convention

E=MC2: Engaging in Maternal & Child Health to Achieve MDGs 4 & 5”
The AYNLA 2nd Millennium Convention 

On its 1st Millennium Convention, AYNLA made a national call to nurses especially its members to help achieve the 8 Millennium Development Goals specifically targeting health-related goals (MDGs 4, 5 & 6) by actively participating in the promotion of primary healthcare and advocating on different public health issues where efforts & voices of nurses are important such as the campaign in combatting HIV & AIDS and in meeting the reproductive & sexual health needs of the Filipinos.

The 1st Millennium Convention introduced the Eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to AYNLA officers & members. The Millennium Development Goals is a global set of goals that the United Nation member-states (where the Philippines is one) agreed to accomplish under specific targets & indicators and will be reviewed in 2015. During the 1st convention, nurses where explained how each can help achieve the eight goals: (1) Eradicate extreme poverty & hunger, (2) Access to universal primary educations, (3) Gender equality and empowerment of women, (4) Reduce child mortality, (5) Improve maternal health, (6) Combat HIV, AIDS, malaria & other diseases, (7) Ensure environmental sustainability, and (8) Develop a global partnership for development. The two-day national convention focused on one thing: how can nurses do to help achieve the MDGs and what are the roles of nurses specifically to MDGs 4, 5 & 6 which are directly health related.

Senator Francis Escudero gave the keynote speech and talked about the youth of tomorrow is actually of today…that young nurses can make a difference in the nursing profession and in the Philippines now. Different country representatives & leaders from United Nations System in the Philippines, namely from UN Millennium Campaign, UN Populations Fund, UN Development Program, and WHO Western Pacific Regional Office,  also talked about how nurses can help in each of the MDGs. The second day of the convention paved way for nursing updates about the current status of the nursing profession.

After the 2010 Millennium Convention which introduced the MDGs to the nurses, AYNLA decided to feature 2 MDGs per year until it reaches 2015. This year, AYNLA will feature MDG 4 (child mortality) and MDG 5 (maternal health). Another set of expert speakers from United Nations offices and distinguished leaders from international and national levels will speak to the convention. Workshops will also be done to generate local responses on challenges met by nurses to achieve these MDGs.

The 2nd Millennium Convention has the following objectives to: 
  • Discuss issues concerning MDGs 4 & 5 on child mortality and maternal health in the international, national and local levels;
  • Generate responses from local/regional levels on the challenges met by nurses on child mortality, nutrition, maternal reproductive & sexual health;
  • Create local work plans of AYNLA nurses to help overcome challenges and enhance strengths to achieve MDGs 4 & 5;
  • Harmonize & strengthen local AYNLA programs/projects in the National Developmental Plan during the 1st Regular Bicameral Congress;
  • Conduct the 2nd Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees & having to approve pending projects or changes in the national policies;
  • Conduct the 1st National Election of Executive Council administered by the National Commission on Elections;
  • Launch the national declaration and statement on the Reproductive Health Bill;
  • Organize a press conference on the 2nd day of the Millennium Convention; and
  • Organize a NCR-wide Inter-collegiate Nursing Quiz competition in partnership with Rachell Allen Reviewers USA.  

The convention will still have its Convention Competitions namely: Poster Making, Extemporaneous Speaking, Essay Writing and a Photography contest which will have an online voting prior to the judging on the second day of the convention. Adding to the convention competitions is the first collaboration with Rachell Allen Reviewers USA coming up with a NCR-wide Inter-collegiate Nursing Quiz Competition. This will be a tough competition of 20 colleges of nursing all across the National Capital Region to be named as the Grand Champion of the first season.

This year’s convention will also induct the newly-formed Local Chapters of the Alliance and its Local Chapter Officers. A new set of National Executive Officers will also be elected who shall serve in 2012. AYNLA will launch it’s sister organization – the Alliance of Young Health Advocates.

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