Sunday, July 17, 2011

AYNLA Calls for New Leaders

AYNLA's Expanding Organization Need Leaders Like You! Join AYNLA's Team of Nurse Leaders & Advocates and help make a better health for the Philippines!

The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates International Inc. or AYNLA, is a non-stock, non-profit professional organization recommended for operation by the Professional Regulations Commission and registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2010. AYNLA is also a recognized international partner of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH) for the 2010 International Year of the Nurse and also is a registered organization of the National Youth Commission. Started in September 2009, AYNLA now embarks in developing its long-term programs and establishing its networks.

AYNLA is an active organization of nurse advocates working on health promotion, legislative advocacy, and protection of health professionals' rights & welfare. AYNLA works diversely and actively utilizes social media & the internet as means to advocate its causes. The organization was known to be a pro-active, dynamic & cool nursing organization.  

AYNLA then needs to gather young/new nurses (nurses practicing from 0-20 years) & nurse advocates from around the Philippines and the world to help implement its call to develop more nurse & healthcare leaders and push its advocacy (eg. MDGs).

AYNLA needs you! AYNLA needs a unified body of leaders from the professionals and students alike!

What we seek are:A. Zonal Governors - these are the cluster leaders of different local chapters found in the NCR. Their main function is to oversee the functions of the local chapters under their jurisdiction and to implement AYNLA's national programs in the zonal and regional levels. AYNLA seeks TWO (2) ZONAL GOVERNORS namely:

1. NCR Zone III Governor - overseeing Quezon City & Marikina
2. NCR Zone IV Governor - overseeing Mandaluyong, San Juan & Pasig

B. Regional Governors - these are the cluster leaders of different local chapters found in a certain Philippine region. They function similarly like the Zonal Governor. Currently AYNLA seeks FOUR (4) REGIONAL GOVERNORS namely:

Reporting to the Administrative Vice President
1. Regional Governor, Region VIII
2. Regional Governor, Region X
3. Regional Governor, Region XIII
4. Regional Governor, ARMM

C. Local Chapter Mayors - the most basic functional unit of governance of AYNLA is from its Local Chapters. Chapter Mayors as termed are the local leaders leading this functional unit. Specific programs geared in a "locality" such as a city of municipality are implemented by the Local Chapters. The Local Chapters are composed of the Mayor as its head assisted by the Vice Mayor, Chapter Secretary and the Eight Councilors. AYNLA needs many local chapter mayors all throughout the country.

NCR Local Chapters
1. Manila Chapter (Reactivating)
2. Quezon City Chapter (Organizing)
3. Marikina City Chapter (Organizing)

Reactivating Regional Local Chapters
1. Baguio-Benguet Chapter
2. La Union Chapter
3. Ilocos Sur Chapter
4. Batangas Chapter
5. Bulacan Chapter
6. Laguna Chapter
7. Tuguegarao Chapter
8. Albay Chapter
9. Aklan Chapter
10. Davao del Norte Chapter
11. General Santos Chapter
12. Sulu Chapter
13. Cavite Chapter

D. Associate / Student Governors & Mayors - Similarly functioning as their adult counterparts, Associate/Student Governors & Mayors lead the student nurses and students from allied healthcare professions. Students also organize a similar "local chapter" from their campuses therefore making a campus-based AYNLA. These Associate Chapters are formed in accordance with the AYNLA Laws and the rules of their respective campuses. Associate Officers are being assisted and guided by the Local Chapter Officers. Associate Zonal/Regional Councils, where the figurehead is the Associate/Student Governor supervises one locality where there are a couple of Associate Chapters (campus-based).

AYNLA needs you and your cooperation for us to attain our goals in alleviating the current situation of our nurses and our healthcare professionals. Let us unite for one cause and by your leadership, we can achieve great results! If you are interested to become part of AYNLA's first batch of leaders - to be part of history - then we urge you to submit to us the following: 1. letter of intent (stating the position you wish to occupy) and your 2. curriculum vitae (with picture) at Please write AYNLA Leader as the heading. Thank you!

AYNLA Secretariat

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