Thursday, June 30, 2011

Abra Nurses Call for Passage of RH Bill

Abra, Philippines – A nurses group launched their version of the Purple Ribbon Campaign and called for the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health Bill in Bangued, Abra last June 28, 2011. Close to a hundred nurses working in hospitals, schools and communities attended the event.

The launching of the Purple Ribbon Campaign – the national campaign for the support and passage of the RH Bill – was initiated by the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International (AYNLA) Abra Chapter,  the first nursing organization to be formally organized in the province of Abra. The launching happened after the Chapter’s General Assembly & Orientation. AYNLA Abra Chapter is also the first chapter of AYNLA to launch its own version of the Purple Ribbon Campaign giving its full support to their national organization which is in full support of the passage of the RH Bill.

Nurses & nursing students in Abra posed to show their purple ribbons
as support to RH Bill
AYNLA National President, Alvin Dakis, who came to the event and gave a talk on “The Role of Nurses in Reproductive Health”, said he is very glad that Abra nurses didn’t hesitate to support the measure as they themselves encountered many concerns of their patients in public hospitals and the far-flung communities. Nurses said they do not have any Social Hygiene Clinic or a reproductive health program that is why they saw this opportunity to voice out the concerns of the people. They wanted to have a program for the reproductive health of their communities.

“This [Reproductive Health] Bill must push through because there is a lot of malnutrition happening in our families because there are a lot of children. The RH Bill will give appropriate information on all contraceptive methods the couple would want to take. By that, we give our patients informed choice” said Shaira Paola Bello, one of the nurses who attended the launch.

Darren Carino, AYNLA Abra Chapter Mayor said the RH Bill “emphasizes on women’s health & reproductive rights without excluding those of the men and the young people” and “empowers nurses to broaden their care to their clients especially on addressing their sexual and reproductive health”.

“We will be launching similar Purple Ribbon Campaign to all our 31 local chapters in the Philippines and continuously call to our legislators to vote ‘yes’ to the Bill. We call on our President to include the RH Bill and also address the growing nursing unemployment crisis in the country in his SONA” Dakis said after the launching.

AYNLA International Inc. is a national nursing organization for nurse advocates and young professionals & students with over 2,500 members and 31 Local Chapters across the country. AYNLA also have international members in the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

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