Monday, June 13, 2011

The 26 Odd & Trivial Things You Ought to Know Bout Me

During my 26th Birthday just recently, I have decided to disclose 26 odd and trivial facts about me or relating to me. Well I'm not pretty sure if this will come to you as entertaining as it did to me, but it surely will give you many facts bout me (that most of you didn't know). I started blasting some tidbits bout me in my FB and then I got one suggestion for me to give 26 trivia bout myself and to compile them and put them in my blog.

I liked the idea and now I collated some of those facts for you to read. Enjoy and comment back!

  1. I don't like celebrating birthdays. I started not celebrating my birthdays when I was in college and I practiced it till now. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I spend my birthday as ordinary as can be. Well there are times I do go out with a couple of friends. As for this year, I only got greetings online & others personally but no outing, dates whatsoever.
  2. I wanted to become a pilot, I became a nurse. My first dream is to become a PILOT when I was in my elementary grade, then a TEACHER when I was in middle school. But eventually I became a NURSE. It was such quite a turnaround.
  3. Most Hated subject - Physical Education. I hate math cause I suck at numbers big time!  But the subject I hated the most in High School is P.E.! It was such time I get a lot of discrimination for not being sporty, lame, and physically weak. I dreaded each class.
  4. Mr. College 2006. I once joined a Male Pageant to feed my curiosity of how it feels in the ramp & answering Q&A. I was able to reach their Top 6 Male Candidates. Now tell me they aren't serious. 
  5. Reverse reading. Now this is something I find weird about myself - I read in reverse, from bottom up and sometimes from the last page. I answer tests from the last item going back too. But there are times that I started to read from the first part, stop at the middle then start to read from the last part going to the middle part. Tell me that it isn't that weird.
  6. I used to be a Cartomancer. I read people through (playing) cards. Well I don't do that anymore - I actually forgotten how. It was a skill passed on to me by my mom.
  7. Birthmark. I have a small birthmark near my left pelvis and a small mole in my tummy (that's why I eat much haha). I only noticed my birthmark in college. 
  8. My name is Bentot. My old nickname is "Azii". Others called me "Cloydie" "Cloy2x" but mom called me "Bentot" when I was a kid. All these names are now unused.
  9. Sour not my taste. I do not like sour foods but I do appreciate eating some once in awhile. I have a sweet tooth so I like sweets the most.
  10. Three time's stupidity. Well I think this one will not be much of a surprise to many of the people who personally know me. They will hear this from me a couple of times "I don't like asking questions more than thrice, nor answering the same thing thrice as well". For me asking or answering repeatedly more than thrice is a recommendation for a comprehension check-up.
  11. The OC Me. I a kind of an obsessive-compulsive guy when it comes to my personal things. When I was still in school, the materials in my bag are arranged according to their size, color and even the time of the subjects.  
  12. Raw Eggs for Meals. I also eat raw eggs and mix them with hot rice and put some seasoning or salt. That is one of my most favorite dishes if you can call it that.
  13. Boxer Briefs. I started wearing them in college. I disliked briefs already hahaha because I get some skin irritation at the groin area. Sometimes I use boxer shorts at home too. But I am not those guys who wears boxer shorts and briefs and the same time then goes out of the house pretending that boxer briefs are for the public to see. But do you know one of the things that seduces me is the scene of one wearing an underwear and not the one completely naked? 
  14. No pedicure. Do you know that I do my own nail trimming especially at my feet? I don't like the concept of the pedicure and somehow I don't trust the person touching my feet hahaha.
  15. Phone Pal. The longest phone call I did was a straight eight (8) hour talk (guess who was in the other line). We talked like there was no tomorrow. I was 17-18 that time I guess.
  16. Man of Talents. There are quite a number of talents I developed, and when I say developed, I mean they didn't come out as early or naturally (perhaps the only thing natural as I remember is my being talkative and opinionated). I developed my drawing skills because of my fondness to cartoons and drew dozens of sketches every day in summer. I developed my singing skills when I was in grade school choir. I developed my hosting skills when I was already singing professionally.
  17. Cebu's Serenata. I got that title in Cebu after having to perform a lot singing ballad, standards and jazz. Would you believe that I do not appreciate my own voice before and I don't believe I can sing? It was my Grade 3 teacher, Ms. Rodriguez who heard me and thought I could sing. She asked me to audition in our school choir and got flunked twice. I came back to her in tears and said I will not proceed anymore (since I got turned down twice after the audition). She accompanied me to the instructor & talked with her privately, then I was asked to re-audition (the third time) and whoala! I got in! (isn't it surprising?). Since then I was able to develop my singing skills, my style and eventually a very sensitive ear too. I do sing professionally now & became a Voice Coach for children for 5 consecutive summers.
  18. Basketball Shorts. Do you know that I really wanted to wear a basketball jersey shorts before? It's like a dream wearing one even though I don't want to play basketball (call that a fetish hahaha). Well of course I was able to buy one for myself & was happy. 
  19. Bi and Proud. Many confuses me to be gay (well most of the time I'm happy!). Honestly, I just realized (like years ago) that I am both attracted to guys and gals. I had girlfriends and boyfriends too. But I was more exposed to the homosexual side though and got male suitors too (imagine?). There was a time I had 5 male suitors at the same time (like I'm really gonna freak out now, as in now). I also had female admirers (because I was active in performing during those times). It was a journey having to accept myself and how I get sexually attracted to others. But this acceptance helped me to become a more transparent person that everyone could relate.
  20. No feminine pronouns. I discourage people calling me using feminine pronouns or even terms - it offends me actually. I mean, I'm a bisexual, I do not wish to become a woman not even be called one. 
  21. Fan Freak. Do you know that I also experienced having fans (seriously)? Let me give you some of my experiences. Well it's pretty common to see someone go up the stage and wipe your sweat or give you something while you are singing onstage. But I also got some admirers (or fans) who went beyond that. One of them took a picture of me (through her friend whom I do not know), made it to a cross-stitch and put it in a frame. One of them made my picture their computer wallpaper, and take note not just one but to all of their computers in their internet cafe! And I was wondering why everyone in that cafe looked weirdly at me - now I know why. 
  22. Oldie Connection. Do you also know that I can relate much talking to older people rather than of my age? I guess I was mature enough to talk about more serious things like politics and social advocacy. It kinda bores me to talk to my age group about Justin Beiber, latest fashion, Glee and so on and so forth. A lot of people get shocked to know that I am just around early-mid 20s talking about serious politics and social issues. 
  23. Multitasking Power. I get bored easily - like my attention span only lasts around 5 minutes. So to cope with that, I mastered multitasking where I do around 3 things at the same time. Before, I have 3 different documents in my table and do all of those at the same time, having to shift my attention 5-10 mins each document. But lately, as my tasks grew and have to travel, read documents, make official letters, attend meetings and other things my multitasking powers started to be overboard & I tend to lose control (and not finish some of my tasks on time or have done tasks that are mediocre). So I guess I have to relearn and redeem Focus.
  24. Taxi Galore. When I was new in Manila in 2009 I get to ride taxi cabs almost everywhere I go. Imagine the Pesos I spent just to go to where I need to go? I don't know how to transport using MRT, LRT and even the jeepney routes so I ended up a suking customer of taxi cabs. There was a time I told a taxi driver "I ride taxis almost all my transportation here in Manila - I know you aren't in the right way." 
  25. Name Calling. It was quite weird as complimenting to hear people calling me names like my patients calling me a "Doc". Now I looked like a doctor to them, which is quite normal since most patients cannot distinguish the different medical professionals. I also got to be called an Attorney and others still call me Professor though I don't teach anymore in a state university. Lately I've been called frequently as "Congressman". The first time I was called by that name was in 2010 and till now people have been asking me about representing a party. Thoughts pending.
  26. MRT Madness. Now this one is really trivial. I kinda know who among the male passengers in the MRT/LRT who will try to grope or are frotteurs. I am a frequent victim of groping in MRT and I kinda observed they have this trait & body language. It was also in MRT where I was given a calling card discreetly, a hunky rocker-lookalike held my hand instantly, a freaky dude trying to open my zipper (howmaygash! How daring of him) and those offers of checking in to motels for those "one time only" which really offends me (and often times I ask myself if I look like a boy-for-rent).  
There you go all the 26 trivia and some weird stuffs about me. Some of these I think my friends know already and to all of my readers I hope this made you smile and get to know my other sides (I'm a polygon you know...).

Kuya A


  1. hi yah nars alvin! im havin a break reading "serious documents" since we're on rh-break ^_^ your piece is pretty nice to read really entertainin'...i kinda share some of your weirdness too (like bein' the OC and we're both left-handed) see yah on august cong! hehe always wear that blue polo with tie (your so cool in it)

  2. Nako ang iba naman gusto ng mas marami pa hahaha ano to autobiography? LOL. Thanks Cathy!

    Di ko alam na left-handed ka pala! Wee