Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Stars Going for RH Bill

More artists, celebrities and personalities are going for the Reproductive Health Bill which is heightening in social debates and in the Congressional Plenary. Other celebrities have declared their Pro-RH stance during the recently concluded Day of the Purple Ribbon. Among them are:

Lea Salonga
Jim Paredes
Leah Navarro
Tuesday Vargas
Princess Manzon
Tom Rodriguez
Arnel Ignacio
Ces Orena-Drilon
Cooky Chua
The Dawn
Carlos Celdran
Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel
Mocha Uson
Boy Abunda (video)
Direk Joey Reyes (video)

Other celebrities also expressed their support to the Bill in some other activities and or have made their statements such as:

Dingdong Dantes
Aiza Seguerra
Joey Mead
G Tongi
Wanggo Gallaga
Angel Locsin
Kat de Castro
Gel Santos Relos 
Loida Nicolas Lewis

Now in an article written by Dolly Ann Carvajal in the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated May 17 she cited that more Filipino artists and celebrities are now speaking up on the issue and expressing their support in the much-debated Reproductive Health Bill and they are: 

Leo Valdez: “I am in favor of the RH bill. I have been wondering for the longest time why nothing of this sort has been passed. It is not even compulsory, as I understand. It is just to make couples realize they have an option to have just enough offsprings to provide a better quality life for the kids. I respect the views of those who are against it but sadly, we are still a struggling country forever going against the tide of economic prosperity. Although giving life is a privilege and a blessing, we must always remember that giving life also means great responsibility.”

Amy Perez: “I’m pro-RH bill because I believe we really need to educate the poor women on the choice they have to make and teach them to become responsible parents para ’di dumami ang batang walang magandang kinabukasan dahil ’di pinaghandaan ng magulang.”

Benjie Paras: “It’s the right thing but for those who want to explore, it’s better to have protection.”

Pinky Amador: “I am pro-RH bill. What’s the point of giving birth if you can’t give them a good life?”

Rachel ALejandro: “I am 100 percent in favor of the RH bill. The population growth is out of control and the government should do what it can to help educate the people and provide family planning options. It’s a matter of survival. I feel for people who can barely make ends meet because they have too many kids to support.”

Luke Mejares: “I’m in favor of the RH bill. It’s better that people have the option to choose from different kinds of contraceptives because in these hard times, the family should be able to feed the kids adequately, send them to good schools and give them a bright future.”

Toni Rose Gayda: “I am for the RH bill. There are too many kids on the streets and no one to raise nor support them. A lot of child trafficking and prostitution, too. Kawawa talaga.”

Carmi Martin: “I am for the RH bill. We need to control the population for our country’s economy to improve.”

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  1. ” …and would like to value the quality of life you can give to a child that considering the quantity.”

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