Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Featured Article] RH Bill? Teka lang, Nurse ako eh...

RH Bill? Teka lang, Nurse ako eh...

by Alexis Roy C. Encarnacion on Saturday, 21 May 2011

I am a nurse.

I have pledged before God to devote myself into the welfare of those committed to my care. That devotion includes upholding a quality of life to those people whom my profession can reach.

I also remembered a promising line from the Code of Honor in college where in 'I firmly ordained myself to respect the life in nature around me and defend from abuse and destruction,' which made me further believe that I should stand for what is RIGHT, even if it means I am to stand alone, though I know I am not.

In this country's top issue on Reproductive Health Bill, we should know where to stand and how to openly discuss the matters on RH bill. Even if it conflicts the relationship between religion and science in its sense and nature, we have to recognize every single detail then realize what can RH bill do for the country's alarming situation, especially that the infant and maternal morbidity and mortality are increased.

As I include the children in the next generation who will benefit from RH bill, whether it becomes a law or not, I will always remember that I was once a child who grew up and has developed to become aware of my health, which includes the proper education I attained from school and solely from my family whenever we discuss about Reproductive Health and issues.

IN FACT, for all I know, I AM a product of a Dominican college where its fulfilling mission to provide TOTAL Human Development has really fulfilled me. IT has been relevant to my 21 years of Christian life. It appears to be IRONIC when such group of churchly people made me achieve such human development, thus, leading me to support the RH Bill.

In other words, the Reproductive Health Bill will help promote sustainable human development. Do you want to know the "whys" of RH Bill? Spend few minutes of your life to read the article linked on this note. You may have come to know and understand what RH Bill is all about, what it is for and how it clearly corrects the misconceptions which 'blinded' the opposition.



***On Sunday, May 22, 2011, let US all, especially Filipino RNs, watch the Grand Debate on RH Bill to be aired in Ch.11 (GMANEWSTV, or in other news-related channel) and come to realize that RH Bill is not as immoral or as bad as we think. RH Bill is not an ANTI-LIFE bill but in fact a PRO-QUALITY LIFE bill! Plus, we nurses may want to know our multi-faceted and versatile role when it comes to Reproductive Health teaching. RH bill can also provide opportunities for nurses to serve not only patients in the hospital, but also caringly serve the families in the communities. You know what I'm talking about: OPPORTUNITY.

So this is my conviction:

I believe in God to become a good nurse.
I stand for what is right.
Even if I stand alone, though I know I am not,
I stand FOR RH Bill!



  1. I am also a nurse and I OPPOSE THE RH Bill. In my 6 years of bring Nursing students to several squatter areas in Manila (Tondo and the like) where we do home visits and health teachings and other health center/lying-in activities, I've realized that the RH Bill is not the answer to poverty and human development. I hope you can find a few minutes to check out my blog for my reasons.

  2. Hi, I just want to discuss the following points in this blog post.

    1. You say you are a nurse that has "pledged before God to devote myself into the welfare of those committed to my care."

    You also say that "(I) firmly ordained myself to respect the life in nature around me".

    Why then do you support a bill that is against life? Are you not aware that many contraceptive pills are abortifacient? Are you not aware that the said pills also cause so many side-effects to the person taking it? Are you not aware that many women who regularly took the pills developed breast cancer and are now actively speaking out to oppose the bill?

    2. You say that the bill is "Pro-quality of life"? Based on your belief, I assume you support the idea that a.) population hampers development and causes poverty; and b.) the Philippines is overpopulated.

    I highly suggest you visit this link to enlighten you on the topic:

    These are proven facts that severely DISPROVE that theory that population causes poverty and that the Philippines is overpopulated. See the charts yourself.

    3. We now go deeper by discussing the implications of the bill and its effect on the values and culture of the Filipino society (which eventually affects our lives). Do you know how contraceptives are marketed to their target audiences? Most advertising campaigns focus on two things: a.)it's cool to have sex (highlight on casual sex) and b.) it's alright to have sex anytime, anywhere as long as you are "safe".

    I believe you haven't been living under a rock and you know the culture of sex they have in the US, Thailand or any other country where their government promote and fund the distribution of contraceptives. Do you want that to happen in our country? Do you want our youth to have the same mentality as the one discussed in this link: ?

    Does that not go against the concept of human development which you highly advocate? By allowing the bill to pass and condoning the values-depleted culture of sex and self-pleasure to infiltrate our country, are you not in a way supporting a bill that would lead Filipino human persons to self-destruction?

    You believe in God to become a good nurse. And you also stand for what is right.

    Then definitely, you should condemn the bill that goes against God (and His teachings) and what is right.

    You need not stand alone for many people are now voicing their opposition against the "Rh" bill.

    Stand for life. Stand for truth. Oppose the RH Bill.

  3. It's not against life... you've been fooled