Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UNICEF & UNFPA's videos on Maternal Health, Reproductive Health & Family Planning

UNICEF has released a two minute video, "Missing Mothers" as a tool for international development professionals to use in raising awareness of the issue of maternal mortality.

"This year alone, more than 500,000 women will die during pregnancy or childbirth. Thats one woman missing every minute of every day. We call these women missing because their deaths could have been avoided. In fact, 80 per cent of maternal deaths could be averted if women had access to essential maternal health services.

We know where and how these women are dying, and we have the resources to prevent these deaths. Yet, maternal mortality is still one of the most neglected problems internationally."

A thought-provoking video that brings attention to the tragic deaths of women who die needlessly in pregnancy or childbirth every minute of every day.

More than a thousand women a day die unnecessarily from pregnancy and childbirth -- almost all of them in the developing world.

And vast productivity -- $15 billion a year -- is lost when these women die or get disabled as a result pregnancy or childbirth.

We know the steps it would take to prevent most of that death and disability. To improve the lives of women, children and communities.

Total cost = about $4.50 for each person in the developing world.

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