Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nurses Prescribed Nursing Diagnosis for RH Bill

With the much contentious Reproductive Health Bill being the subject of discussion in most online networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, nurses being active online advocates are not left behind with the issue. As actively as we are in taking care of our clients

I posted my Nursing Diagnosis for the RH Bill which caught a lot of attention from other online colleagues which prompted them to make their own nursing diagnosis over the much debated issue. 

But what is a nursing diagnosis?

nursing diagnosis is part of the nursing process and is a clinical judgment about individual, family, or community experiences/responses to actual or potential health problems/life processes. Nursing diagnoses are developed based on data obtained during the nursing assessment.

After our "assessment" over the issue the following nursing diagnoses on tweets & Facebook posts came in.

By the way, that nurse above is certainly not me nor any of my colleagues here, it's just for your visual aid. ^_^ Enjoy.

Twitter Posts

@alvindakis: Knowledge Deficit related to RHBill provisions secondary to persistent lies & twisted facts of pro-lifers.

@EJBrackett: Insufficient Cerebral Perfusion related to increase BS buildup in d arteries 2 to boots up der asses AEB lies deceit & failure to thrive and denial of responsibilities for the problem

@EJBrackett Caregiver Role Strain rt expression of neglect & negative feelings twrds d clergy AEB restriction f freedom towards the #RHBill

@alexisquillope Ineffective coping due to Inappropriate use of defense mechanisms related to Inadequate psychological resources

@alexisquillope Assist in development of alternative support system;PRAYER. Encourage participation in self-help groups as available;CHURCH

@alexisquillope Teach use of relaxation, exercise, and diversional activities as methods to cope with stress. (They have mastered diversion already)

@attackoftheChiz Rape-trauma syndrome r/t denial of services to women by closed minded priests who don't know what multipara NSD feels like.

@attackoftheChiz Diarrhea r/t elevated levels of urge to expose the church to the tragedies of being an uneducated and abused woman.

@attackoftheChiz readiness for Enhance Learning r/t provision of factual information about #rh and #rh services.
Facebook Comments

@Dick Steven Regis impaired cognition r/t moral biases as evidenced by religious persecution

@Dick Steven Regis risk for infection r/t unsafe sex practices 2ndary inaccessible and unavailable RH commodities

@Felipe Austria Altered thought process r/t misinterpretation of spiritual beliefs.


  1. Lol. Pretty awesome. Wish I could've thought of something. My Nursing Dx prowess is pretty rusty nowadays. Great post.

  2. Moral distress r/t misinterpretation of the bill