Monday, April 11, 2011

First newspaper for doctors, nurses & health care professionals out soon

ACD wiith Dr. Rafael & Rebecca Castillo & RA Management

I am very honored to have been offered to be one of the first medical columnist for the first healthcare newspaper in the country, Vital Signs. The photo above is our fellowship dinner following the successful 2011 Rachell Allen Image Model Search. Dr. Rafael Castillo, the publisher of Friendly Alliances & Media Expressions Inc. gave his kind gestures and talked about his vision of having a regular paper for doctors, nurses and other health professionals and where they can keep themselves updated and abreast on health issues, innovations and relevant researches, expert opinions and the like.

He is the man behind the successful magazines, ZEN Health, DiabetEASE, H&L and Travel Plus. Now he ventures into expanding in newspaper. I am very honored that I would be one of the first nurses to be the columnist in Vital Signs. Although I do not write that much (and that well too) but because I would like our nurses to be updated on what is happening in the nursing profession especially in the current issues, then I think it's time to brush up those writing skills. 

Here is an article from The Philippine Star released last April 07, 2011 that talked about the upcoming newspaper.    


MANILA, Philippines - To keep doctors, nurses and other health care professionals abreast of all new developments which impact health care delivery in the country, FAME Inc. is coming out with Vital Signs, the first of its kind newspaper for them.

Vital Signs will include opinions, commentaries and views of respected leaders in the medical profession and government who all share the common vision of better health care for all Filipinos, especially those belonging to the marginalized sectors.

The list of columnists of Vital Signs include Sen. Edgardo Angara; Health Secretary Enrique Ona; former Health secretary Esperanza Cabral; Dr. Oscar Tinio, president of the Philippine Medical Association; Dr. Ramon Abarquez Jr.; Dr. Saturnino Javier; Dr. Anthony Leachon; Dr. Maya Santos; and Dr. Cynthia Cuayo-Juico.

The newspaper will feature articles and commentaries from some of the country’s top doctors and medical practitioners.

This would also allow doctors and other health care professionals to know what their respected colleagues say on current scientific, socioeconomic, political and other issues that impact healthcare in our country.

It will also serve as a medium for local medical societies to disseminate updates regarding their advocacies and activities.

“We hope to empower doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care professionals with scientific, socioeconomic, legislative and other news which are relevant to their practice,” says Dr. Rafael Castillo,Vital Signs editor.

He added that the insights and opinions of respected columnists can also help guide the readers of Vital Signs in various decisions they need to make as health care stakeholders aiming to improve the practice of their respective professions and health care delivery in the country.

Vital Signs comes in three sections. The main section contains hard news and commentaries, opinion columns, activities of hospitals, medical organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.

The second section is called Hippocrates which contains scientific and clinical updates, nursing updates, and medical issues and controversies.

The third section, called Off-Duty, is the lifestyle section which includes articles on dining, travel, fashion, motoring, finance and sports.

Vital Signs is published by FAME Inc., which also publishes several full-color glossy magazines such as H&L (Health & Lifestyle), Zen Health, Travel Plus, DiabetEASE and Disney.


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