Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Featured Post: The Profession I Oath to Fulfill

A sad reality about Philippine Nursing 

Must be able to work long hours with frequent
mandatory overtime and regularly missed meal and coffee breaks. Few
holidays or weekends off.

Must be able to keep massive amounts of paperwork
up to date while making split second life and death decisions.

Must be unaffected by frequent verbal abuse and
able to neutralize occasional physical assaults.

Must display patience, kindness, and understanding
at all times. The ability to effectively communicate with people who are
illiterate, uneducated, insane, hysterical or enraged is required.

Must show no aversion to blood, vomit, oozing infections or human body waste. Job involves daily exposure to infectious bacteria and viruses as
well as radiation and carcinogenic medications.

Frequent staffing shortages necessitate your ability to prioritize and efficiently carry out the work of 2 or 3 people.

Applicants must possess a keen interest in coping with grief, uncertainty, depression and loss on a daily basis.

As a part of the multidisciplinary team you will be expected to collaborate with clerical and janitorial staff, physicians, respiratory technicians, social workers, Chaplains and Priests, security guards, physical and occupational therapists, laboratory and x-ray technicians, maintenance personnel, and dietitians. You are required to have an understanding of all the roles and responsibilities of these team members as you will be required to carry out many of their duties in addition to your own.

Must show humility and accept blame when frequently asked to be the scapegoat for the failures and frustrations of doctors, administrators, supervisors, and coworkers.

Must be willing to confuse your body clock and abuse your body with frequent shift rotations and malnutrition due to gorging on fast food when you finally do get to eat in the car on the way home from work.

Must have 3 sets of legs and ten hands so you can be in 3 different places at a time and juggling a variety of tasks to make up for the 3 missing nurses that administration says you don't need for a safe patient-nurse ratio.

Must be willing to risk losing your job when you are out with a disabling back injury or acute hepatitis C infection acquired on the job. Even if you win your fight to prove it is job related and collect your worker's comp, your employer will do their darndest to find a loophole and try to get rid of the 'burden.' Don't expect full pay and benefits for up to two years the way other hazardous jobs like policeman and firemen get.

Oh, and of course, even though you work in a germ factory, abuse your physical and emotional health through work conditions, and are regularly plagued with low morale, don't EVER EVER expect to call in sick to work unless you have the bubonic plague, or in a coma. Must be a SAINT!

Salary is in no way commensurate with knowledge, ability or experience.

Due to the frequency with which employees develop physical injury and
emotional breakdown, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits


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