Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CHED Prohibits Forcing Graduates to Enroll in Review Centers

This is the CHED Memorandum Order 13 which was issued on March 15, 2006 prohibiting all Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) such as colleges and universities to coerce, require or impose enrollment of their students and graduates to any review centers and review centers of their preference. 

This memorandum is for all HEIs and the courses that have licensure examinations such as BS Nursing. This is a reminder that no college or university must coerce their graduates to enroll in a review center of their preference and even do In-House Review.

I have received a couple of reports from our student members that there are still nursing schools that implement "In House Review" where the students cannot choose other review centers being chosen by the college. Schools of nursing cannot require their students or graduates to enroll in a specific review center if their graduates do not want to. 

This also serves as a friendly reminder to all review centers to not charge exorbitant review fees to students and or engage in HEIs to impose additional fees. 

Take note of this CHED Memorandum No. 13 whenever you are being asked to enroll in a review center you do not wish to enroll and or hold your academic documents or grades because you did not enroll in the review center of their preference.

I urge our students and graduates to be vigilant about your rights and to guard yourselves from being exploited. May this memorandum serve as your guide and shield.

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