Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bishops Inspired Me to Write

It is one thing I do not want to do.
It is one thing I dread to do.
But it is one thing that they made me do.

With all the raging debates,
And intellectual exchanges of thoughts,
One cannot help but notice,
What others speak of twisted facts & lies.

They, that claim to be the sole authority of morality. 
They, that speak on behalf of women, and little boys.
They, that only know the Divine hotline.
They, that speak of things of beyond the world, the galaxy and the universe.

Lives were lost and is still losing,
Yet, they, who are in the bastion of their comfortabilities 
Would linger to thoughts beyond this world,
Preach the gospel untruths to their faithfools.

Then action started to respond to lies,
And facts wrongfully twisted to their joy.
Of when they fail in proper discourse,
They'll speak of things a Devil only knows.

This, despite my hesitation compelled me to write.
This, for me to preach their inglorious stance.
This, for my infamous poster in their halls.
This, for the beauty of their majestic abodes and lavish accounts.

Only them inspired me to pick the pen,
And help bring justice to lives lost & so as flourishing ignorace.
For only the Bishops can do this kind of influence,
Of which a concentrated pack of celibates control the millions. 

1 comment:

  1. These guys need more pussy than mere kind words of inspiration. Ive been a catholic for 14 years and never liked it one bit. It's degrading, ignorant, suppressing style numbs the senses and controls the mind like a tyrant from Chinese communism. I get a sense that the pursuit of knowledge becomes a pursuit of the devil for them. These so called religious leaders often make themselves lords of their own realms and do not even update their morality according to their own Vatican. This, just like the holocaust makes me ashamed to be called human.