Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bishop Zombie

I love playing Plants Vs Zombies (PVZ). It's actually a tower defense action video game developed by PopCap Games which was released in 2009. I like having a good wall of varied plants to bust incoming zombies. 

There are a lot of different types of zombies that PVZ featured including one that looked like Michael Jackson. Which made me think, how about we make a zombie-bishop? That'll be fun.
But what are the similarities of the PVZ zombie from that of our bishops? They both like to devour our brains! Braaaaiiiinnnnsss!

A zombie love to eat human flesh specifically brains but the bishops would like to eat them and take over people's bodies! Then they will dictate you what to do, say, think, act and even believe. Tell me about parasitic zombies! 

Zombies move slowly, similarly to that of the bishops. The bishops move slowly brainwashing people until such time they eat people's brains and finally take control over them. A zombie do not die, because they are already dead. And so are our bishops, they won't die (?) because they are already dead (!). 

So plant now to shield yourself from the zombie-bishops! Let us plant knowledge, reason and rationality to shield ourselves from ignorance, intolerance and bigotry. Mine's a winter melon-pult to smash those incoming zombie-bishops! 

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  1. Nice post you got here. I find this post sarcastically funny without me repenting for for my so called sin.