Friday, March 18, 2011

The 2010 Season Ender: The first season finale of the "Aesidee and the Knights of Nightingale"

In a few minutes by now, the world shall dawn a new phase as the annum turns eleven. People are all getting ready to make feasts in their tables to meet the turn of the year. Aesidee, still at his workstation, fervently awaits. He isn't done with a lot of things but is taking his time off - well he has been infected with the holiday bug as well. While at his workstation, he recalled the Great Adventures and started to scribble them.

Team Knightingale is on a vacation so he was left scribbling alone. But sometimes, some members of the Team happen to pass by their communication portal every now and then get updates from the worlds they chose to stay for their vacations.

As Aesidee recalls his adventures and misfits:
(A) The Mystic Lady F made a distress call to Aesidee to charter the great North and to call forth the new bearers of the Knights. A huge battle is foreseen coming and a lot of Ranas (the white people) are in grave danger of losing their bestowed powers of healing. It was during this time that a lot of younger Ranas are losing their abilities to heal because they weren't able to practice them anymore. They weren't given justified renumeration and were overworked. Many of them opted to work outside their realms of healing to the communication arts. The Great Council of the White remains to be silent in most of the time and so the distress call was made.

(B) But prior to his voyage to the North, Aesidee started to talk about the visions set by Mystic Lady F to some of his comrades, some believed and some did not. Upon his sail off to the great North, the Local Council of the White of the Queen City started to doubt his intentions in finding the new bearers of the Knights for they are known to be legends of the Orient Pearl. The first Noblemen of Team Knightingale is found in the locales of the Queen City but they were subdued later.

(C) New to the chartered North, called the Great Merlion City, Aesidee started to search for the legendary members of the Knightingales. it was a tough search since the Great Merlion City only belongs to a wider network of other great cities known as Ensiar Region. He met Lord Gaga and his fanciful delusional family and offered him help in searching for the Knights, only to find out in the latter that Lord Gaga and his vicious sisters have ulterior motives of their help. They wanted to use the hidden powers of the Knights when they are being activated, for their own glory and to enrich their own dominion. Aesidee was confused and powerless against them and the team he once led also turned against him. Mystic Lady F reappeared and sent her message using somebody Aesidee has met before, she is Lady Den, High Lady of the Glycemian Ranas. Later, Lady Den shall become one of his confidantes and court counsels. Aesidee with the aid of Mystic Lady F and Lady Den was able to defeat his first battle with Lord Gaga and his vile sisters. The evil spell broke among his team but Aesidee decided to disband them so that Lord Gaga cannot use them anymore. They were sent back to the lands where they belong, but one remained. He is Jarah, the first Knightingale. Jarah's power came from technology - in the latter he becomes the right hand of Aesidee.

(D) During the fight with Lord Gaga, Aesidee also met the second member of the Knightingale. His name is Mandinor - the ill-tempered, strong-willed fighter of the team. He may sound irritating at times but he is one of the asset of the team. A real fighter, he is the first one to charge when a fight is on. It was also this time the Aesidee was able to complete the Legendary Knights of the Nightingale (Knightingales):

1. Lord Jarah - the techno wizard who is a bit naughty
2. Lord Mandinor - the weaponry expert who is a bit war-freak
3. Lady Oril - the scribbler playing fool sometimes, she has firecrackers in her mouth!
4. Lord Najo Hant - the billionaire obsessed with elongated plastic ballons
5. Lady Nique - demure socialist secret agent & high priestess of the Loybi Clan
6. Lord Zan Gi - distinguished photographer & self-proclaimed king of the Loybi Clan
7. Lord Ikmel - the enchanter and rumored brother of Narcissus
8. Lady Zil Natel - the silent but deadly warrior

Lady Tsar used to belong to the 8 Knightingales but was overwhelmed by its responsibilities and went back to her home at the Cave of Ite and so she was replaced by Lord Najo Hant.

(E) The Great 8 Knights of the Nightingale was formed and was bestowed the legendary powers to unite the distressed Ranas of the Orient Pearl. Aesidee must ensure that the Great 8 work in harmony to ensure balance and to continue finding the Nightingale Noblemen found in different cities of the Orient Pearl. They have to make their team powerful and strong to face the coming typhoon - the challenges ahead of the Great 8. And to prove to the Great Council of the White their noblest intentions.

With the guidance of Mystic Lady F who appears every now and then in a vision, and the rest of the counsels of Aesidee - Lady Den, Lady Arveeti, Minister M and others they are sure to be on their way to complete their mission.

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