Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1st Millennium Convention for Young Leaders in Nursing & Healthcare

I would like to thank everyone who made this Millennium Convention possible. This is indeed, history by itself.  The people who worked hard for it, day and night, 24/7, deserved to be praised more than anyone else. This convention will not be successful if not for the people who gave their hearts in everything they do.

To the Millennium Convention National Steering Committee, all of whom have shared our successes and failures with me, I personally give my salutations to all of you.  We worked like there’s no tomorrow and ensured that everything comes into play. 

To my Co-Chairman, Gov. Reigner Antiquera, we knew deep in our hearts the vision we set for this organization and our efforts were not in vain. Thank you for showing your utmost support despite of all the hardships. To all our Convention Committee Chairs, EVP Norman Solamo, DS Lori Cristobal, SG Mara Tan, Gov. Jonathan Monis, Mayor Bernadette Yao, AsGov Kenneth Reyes, AsMayor Bernadette Orlina and the rest of the members of the committees, I thank you for tirelessly helping the convention despite arising issues with family, school and many other affairs. You have shown the entire world how strong you can be and that you can attain your goals if you direct yourselves in it.
ACD with Dr. Eufemia Octaviano, former BON Chair and
Hon. Marco Sto. Tomas, member of the Board of Nursing
AYNLA Board with Senator Chiz Escudero, BON Marco Sto.Tomas and Dr. Femy Octaviano

To the International Board of Consultants namely Hon. Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas, Dr. Eufemia Octaviano and Ms. Leyden Florido; I personally would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for showing your support and presence during the Millennium Convention. Thank you for your guidance and your support to all of the young nurse leaders in the Philippines. Thank you for crafting the values of these leaders and positively impacting their lives. The tasks ahead of us, the challenges we need to face and the dreams we build for our beloved profession are now working into play. Together, let us achieve that goal.
ACD with Mr. Renaud Meyer, Country Director of UNDP

To all our Convention Speakers, we thank you for sharing to us your invaluable insights and expertise in your designated fields of practice. Without you, this Convention will never be a true success. Many if not all of you became our new allies in our quest for excellence. To the United Nations Family – this is the start of our long-term partnership in achieving the MDGs and global health as well. Expect us to collaborate with your offices starting now. We are now your newest ally in ending poverty, achieving the MDGs and working for the global health and human development. 

To the offices of our statesmen, expect us to work with you for your advocacies and we will be the voices of the nurses and health professionals in the local government, cities, municipalities and the Congress. 

To DSWP & RHAN, expect us to increase the awareness and to continue the advocacy on reproductive health. We will be more than just signatures for you – we will be the strong voices of health professionals backing up and clamoring for the passage of the bill. 

To the BON and BOM, thank you for believing in us and partnering with us. We have revered and respected you as distinguished leaders of the nursing & midwifery professions and we thank you for helping us craft the new generation of nurses and midwives. Expect us to work with you hand in hand to make this into a reality. We believe that there is no greater & more opportune time than now to hone and develop the new breed of leaders who shall carry the torch and baton of leadership of both the Nursing & Midwifery Professions. 

To the nursing specialty & interest group organizations whom have become our partners, PMHNAP, PNRS, PNIA, ADNEP & RENAP – we believe that we can synergize our efforts for our individual goals and to make them as one. We believe that we can achieve our goals if we continuously work for the betterment of our profession – anyway, this is our ultimate goal. We assure you that in everything we do, in all projects we have; you will always be part of it. 

And to NYC & DOH, we thank you for being with us and believing in our youth. This is the start of our fruitful and long-term relationship and expects us to be with you all the way.

To our corporate sponsors ISA, CEB Group, JobsDB, Manila Times, CYAJ Printing, 9.0 Niners and event partners Manila Pavilion Hotel & Manila Doctors College, thank you for partnering with us and making this event worthwhile. We do hope to work with you in our future programs and projects. 

And to all our volunteers we owe you the success of the Millennium Convention. For you made things happen at times people needed the most help. Thank you for making this convention a true success.

Most of all, we would like to thank the Lord Almighty, whom have never left our side during our most distressful moments and in times we are about to give up. To Him we give all the glory and honor of this convention.

I am at the pleasure of my people, in the service of my fellow nurses, now and forever!

Alvin Cloyd Hubahib Dakis
AYNLA International President 

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